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Import your SeriesFad and MoviesFad TV Show and Movie watch history and watchlists to Simkl

If you were a fan of SeriesFad and MoviesFad, you might already know that these platforms have closed down forever. But what if you don't want to lose all those cherished memories of your favorite TV shows and movies?

Well, here's some good news for you – you can import your SeriesFad and MoviesFad watch history and watchlists to Simkl!

We'll guide you through the simple process of importing your data to SIMKL.

Import From SeriesFad and MoviesFad to SIMKL:

Why Did SeriesFad and MoviesFad Shut Down?

Before we delve into the import process, let's briefly understand why SeriesFad and MoviesFad had to shut their doors.

According to their official statement, "The closure was due to the increasing costs of maintaining servers and the app, coupled with declining revenue." These challenges led to the unfortunate decision to close down the services.

They've also mentioned that all data will be permanently deleted from their servers after March 31, 2024.

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How to Import Your MoviesFad & SeriesFad Data to Simkl:

The good news is that SIMKL provides an easy solution to help you retain your valuable watch history and watchlists.

Follow these simple steps to import your SeriesFad and MoviesFad data:

  • Log into SIMKL: If you don't have a SIMKL account, sign up. If you're already a member, log in to access your dashboard.

  • Navigate to the Import Section: Within your SIMKL account, head to the import section. You'll find various import options, including SeriesFad & MoviesFad.

pageImporting to Simkl
  • Get Your Export Data: Visit the export page on SeriesFad and MoviesFad (, enter your login credentials, and select "JSONs zip" as the export type. Click the "GET DATA" button to download the file.

  • Visit SIMKL: After downloading the file, head over to SIMKL Import Page for SeriesFad & MoviesFad at

  • Upload Your Data: On SIMKL, click "Browse" and select the file you just downloaded.

  • Import Your Data: SIMKL will process your data, and voilà! Your SeriesFad and MoviesFad watch history and watchlists will be seamlessly imported.

That's it! Simkl will take care of the rest, importing your SeriesFad and MoviesFad watch history and watchlists seamlessly.

Benefits of Importing to SIMKL from SeriesFad & MoviesFad

pageBenefits of Using Simkl

Now, let's talk about the advantages of importing your SeriesFad and MoviesFad data to Simkl:

  1. Continued Tracking: You won't lose your valuable tracking data. SIMKL ensures a smooth transition, so you can keep tabs on your favorite TV shows and movies without missing a beat.

  2. Comprehensive Features: SIMKL offers an array of features, including personalized recommendations, episode tracking, and more. You'll have access to an even richer entertainment tracking experience.

  3. Cross-Platform Access: SIMKL is accessible across various platforms and devices, allowing you to manage your watch history and watchlists seamlessly, whether you're at home or on the go.

  4. Community Engagement: Join a vibrant community of entertainment enthusiasts on SIMKL. Share your thoughts, reviews, and recommendations with fellow users.

In conclusion, the closure of SeriesFad and MoviesFad doesn't have to mean the end of your entertainment tracking journey. Simkl is here to offer you a new home for your watch history and watchlists. With SIMKL, you can easily import your SeriesFad and MoviesFad data, ensuring your watch history and watchlists remain intact.

Don't miss out – make the switch to SIMKL today and continue enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies hassle-free, if you're a former SeriesFad or MoviesFad user, don't hesitate to import your data to Simkl.

Why SIMKL Is the Ultimate Entertainment Platform:

SIMKL offers a comprehensive tracking experience, going beyond anime to encompass TV shows and movies. With its user-friendly interface, cross-device synchronization, and continuous improvements, it's the perfect space to manage and explore your entertainment preferences.


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