Is Simkl free to use?

Is Simkl free to use or are there any subscription plans?

Yes, Simkl is completely free to use and offers a variety of features for users to track and organize their favorite movies, TV shows, and anime.

Simkl is a fantastic platform that has revolutionized the way we track, discover, and engage with TV shows, movies, and anime. It's an all-in-one solution that brings together the world of entertainment, making it incredibly easy and enjoyable for members to manage their viewing experiences.

Simkl's comprehensive database contains a massive collection of titles, ensuring that members can easily find and track their favorite content for free. Its seamless integration with popular streaming services like Netflix makes it a powerful hub for accessing and managing all the entertainment you could ever need.

Please keep in mind that you can't watch content directly on Simkl. Instead, it provides legal links to websites like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and iTunes, where you can stream the content.

The user-friendly interface simplifies navigation and makes it easy to find and add shows to your watchlist. Simkl's recommendation engine inside shows and movie details is another fantastic feature, helping users discover new content based on their preferences and viewing history.

Furthermore, Simkl's social aspect elevates the experience, allowing users to connect with friends and like-minded individuals, sharing their thoughts and opinions on the latest shows and movies. This creates a vibrant community where people can engage in discussions, exchange recommendations, and ultimately enhance their overall viewing experience.

In summary, Simkl is an exceptional free-to-use platform that expertly combines content management, discovery, and social interaction. Its vast library, seamless integration with streaming services, user-friendly interface, and community features make it the ultimate tool for all entertainment enthusiasts.

For an ad-free experience and extra perks, Simkl has a premium subscription called Simkl VIP and Simkl PRO. This includes features such as ad removal, a PRO or VIP badge next to your username, watch history backup to email or Google Drive, and more. To see a full list of free and paid features, visit

Simkl VIP Membership and Features

Access premium features for free through the loyalty program

If you use Simkl for at least 20 days in a month, you can also access all the PRO premium features for free:

Simkl's Premium Features

While Simkl offers an impressive range of features for free, users can also opt for a premium subscription plan called Simkl VIP. This plan includes several benefits, such as:

  1. Ad-free experience

  2. Priority support

  3. Automatic backup to Email and Google Drive

  4. Access to exclusive features, VIP Discord channel and early access to new updates

  5. VIP premium badge on the website and Discord

  6. 2-way sync with MyAnimeList

  7. Calendar sync with iCal and Google Calendar

  8. RSS, JSON, CSV watchlist feeds for automation

Simkl is a great platform for anyone looking to keep track of their favorite movies, TV shows, and anime. With its easy-to-use interface and free features, Simkl makes it simple to stay organized and up-to-date on your favorite content. For those who want an ad-free experience and additional perks, the Simkl VIP and Simkl PRO subscriptions provide a range of benefits that elevate the user experience. And with the opportunity to access premium features for free through the loyalty program, Simkl is a top choice for anyone seeking a comprehensive platform to manage their viewing habits. Give it a try, and you might just find that Simkl becomes an indispensable part of your entertainment experience.

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