How do I contact support?

Need help? Try asking our AI assistant here first. To begin, select the "Search" function and switch over to the "Lens" tab. Once there, simply ask your question and our AI assistant will do its best to provide you with a helpful answer.

For prompt and efficient assistance, we recommend reaching out to Simkl Support through the following channels:


Connect with us on our Discord server where our dedicated support team is available to address your inquiries.

Support Page:

Visit our support page at and click the "Contact Support" button to submit your query directly to our team. By using these methods, you'll ensure that your concerns are addressed swiftly by our knowledgeable support staff.

Add missing show or movie:

pageHow to add new shows, missing episodes and movies to Simkl?

If you found the show or a movie that's on TVDB, TMDB or ANIDB but it's still not in Simkl when searching by URL, please report it on our Discord #bugs-missing-shows-movies channel or by contacting us through

pageHow do I deactivate or delete my Simkl account if I no longer wish to use the service?

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