🚀Quick Start Guide

How to Use Simkl to Track Your Favorite Shows, Movies, and Anime

  1. Create an Account

    • Sign up on the Simkl website https://simkl.com/. You can register using your email or connect through Google or Apple sign in for quicker access.

  2. Set Up Your Profile

  3. Start Adding Shows

    • Use the search bar to find your favorite shows, movies, or anime. Click on the Add to Watchlist button to add them. Also, you can mark episodes you’ve watched to keep track of ongoing series.

    • Learn how to use Watchlist and Custom Lists.

  4. Discover New Content

  5. Interact and Engage

    • Join discussions on specific show pages, rate episodes, and write reviews to enhance your experience and connect with other fans.

  6. Mobile and Integration

    • Download the Simkl app for iOS or Android to keep track on the go https://simkl.com/apps/. Simkl also integrates with media centers like Kodi, Plex, and VLC, which allows you to automatically sync your watching history.

  7. Notifications and Alerts

  8. Add Custom Search shortcuts

Enjoy organizing your viewing experience and discovering new content tailored to your tastes!

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