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The Ultimate Tool for Engaging Your Server Members with TV Show, Anime, and Movie Data

What is the official Simkl Discord Bot website?


SIMKL Discord Bot is a powerful and versatile tool that can significantly enhance the experience of your server members by providing them with quick access to information on TV shows, anime, and movies. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the key features and capabilities of the SIMKL Discord Bot, and explore how it can benefit your server and its members.

Key Features of the SIMKL Discord Bot

When server members share media links from popular platforms like SIMKL, IMDB, TMDB, TVDB, MAL, Netflix, and Crunchyroll, the SIMKL Discord Bot automatically replies with relevant and detailed information about the shared content. This helps keep your audience engaged and informed without having to leave the server.

2. Comprehensive Show and Movie Information

The bot provides extensive data about the shared media, including release dates, episode count, network, budget, box office stats, ratings, and genre information. Additionally, it offers full descriptions, large fanarts, and trailers for an immersive experience.

3. Customizable Settings and Commands

Server administrators can disable the automatic reply feature and opt to use the "URL @Simkl" command for a more controlled experience. This flexibility ensures that the bot only provides information when necessary, keeping your server clean and organized.

Enhanced Member Profiles and Sharing

1. Quickly Find Member Profiles on Simkl

By simply right-clicking on a member and selecting "Find on Simkl" from the Apps menu, you can receive a private message from the bot containing the member's Simkl profile URL. This feature allows you to quickly access information about their viewing preferences and habits.

2. Share Your Simkl Profile with /my profile Command

The /my profile command enables you to quickly share information about yourself and links to your Simkl profile. This includes your Simkl URL, name, VIP status, short bio, and links to your watchlists.

3. Share Your Viewing Stats with /my stats Command

The /my stats command provides a fast way to share detailed information about your viewing habits, such as total time spent watching, detailed stats for your watchlist, time spent watching in the last week, and links to your watchlists on Simkl.

Advanced Search and Discovery Features

1. Search for TV Shows, Anime, and Movies with /tv, /anime, and /movie Commands

Utilize the /tv, /anime, and /movie commands to search for content by title, year, or URL from popular media sites. The bot also provides recommendations for similar shows and movies, and allows you to quickly add content to your Simkl watchlist.

2. Discover Random Content with /random tv, /random anime, and /random movie Commands

The /random commands help you find random TV shows, anime, and movies based on filters such as genre, rating, and year. This feature encourages you to explore new content and discover hidden gems.

3. Stay Up-to-Date with /airing tv and /airing anime Commands

Never miss an episode again with the /airing commands, which provide information on airing schedules, premieres, and popular shows. You can sort the results by time, popularity, or rank to stay informed about your favorite content.

You can invite the bot from https://simkl.com/apps/discord/

SIMKL Discord Bot is an invaluable tool for any server focused on TV shows, anime, and movies. Its wide range of features and customizable settings make it a must-have

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