Get AI recommendations for your custom list using ChatGPT

And Clipboard feature in any Custom List

Follow the steps below to get personalized TV Shows, Anime, and Movie recommendations from ChatGPT based on your custom list in Simkl.

Step 1: Select a Theme \ Custom List based on which to receive recommendations.

  • Open any Custom List in Simkl. We'll use Mature animated shows custom list in this example.

  • Or add shows or movies that you've watched in a new Custom List, all centering around a particular theme or genre.

Step 2: Copy the ChatGPT template using the Clipboard function

  • Click the Save Button located at the top right above the list results to save your selections.

Step 3: Copy to Clipboard

  • Click the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the list of selected shows or movies.

Step 4: Open ChatGPT

  • Navigate to ChatGPT.

  • It's best to select ChatGPT 4. When using ChatGPT 3 you might need to re-generate the results to get results in a code block to be able to quickly import them back to Simkl Custom List after you finish.

Step 5: Paste from Clipboard and Start the Chat

  • Right-click in the chat area and select "Paste" or use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+V or Command+V) to paste the content from your clipboard.

  • Start the chat with ChatGPT.

Step 6: Receive Recommendations

  • ChatGPT will analyze the content and provide you with a list of recommendations based on the shows or movies you've included in your clipboard.

Step 7: Copy the Preformatted List

  • ChatGPT will provide you with a preformatted list of recommendations.

  • You can copy this list and paste it into the Custom List Import section in Simkl's list edit feature.

Step 8: Update Recommendations If Needed

  • If you have already seen any of the recommended shows or movies, you can reply to ChatGPT with the titles you've watched.

  • ChatGPT will then give you updated recommendations based on your response.

Tips and Notes

  • Ensure that the Custom List in Simkl has a clear theme to get more accurate recommendations.

  • Recommendations from ChatGPT are based on the content and themes in your custom list, providing a personalized viewing experience.

  • Try adding a theme name to the chat to get more precise responses.

  • Let us know if you come up with better templates on our Discord server

By following these steps, you can leverage the power of AI to get customized recommendations that align with your viewing interests and preferences, enhancing your entertainment experience with Simkl.

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