Rating & Comments Feature

Simkl has a comment section where users can engage in discussions and share their thoughts and opinions on the latest shows and movies. Users can participate in the Simkl community by leaving ratings and reviews for the content they've watched and join discussions in the comment sections of shows and movies.

Users can rate content on a scale of 1 to 10.


Simkl enables users to rate and review shows and movies on the platform. These ratings and reviews can be helpful when deciding what to watch next, as they provide insights from other users who have already watched the content.


In order to leave a detailed review for any content on SIMKL, head over to the reaction section of the title, which can be found as you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Click on "Add Your Review" button, which would open a new page, wherein you can add a title review of the content you watched and how you feel about it.

Reviews Guidelines: https://support.simkl.org/knowledgebase/articles/905976-reviews-guidelines

Click on Publish Review button, in order to post your review in the reaction section of the page.


A Memorandum also called as Memo, is a message or information in writing by a person informing the reader about a new details in a quickest way possible.

Difference between Memos and Comment Section?

Often users get confused between memo's and comments section. Memos are a short notes or special pointers which users make after/during watching a content.

Mostly used by Movie Enthusiasts, Critics, Bloggers, Film Students, Directors, Producer, Writer, etc.

For Example: If you are in a business meeting, it is important to make notes from that meeting which should be direct and easy to navigate, those notes are also called Memos.

On SIMKL you have the feature to have keep your Memo's Private or Public


To participate in discussions on Simkl, you can join the comment sections of shows and movies, and share your thoughts and opinions with other users. Be sure your topic matches the general theme of the page.

To write a comment on SIMKL, scroll down to the bottom of the page of the show or movie you want to comment on and find the comment section. Type your comment in the text box and click on the "Post" button to publish your comment.


You can start a specific discussion topic in SIMKL's Comment section, where other users can also react and answer your questions.

Photo, Meme, GIFs or Videos

In the SIMKL's comment section, users can post links to photos, memes, GIFs, or YouTube videos, among other types of media. SIMKL identifies them instantly and presents them in a separate section.

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