Creating and Managing Custom Lists

What are the new Custom Lists on Simkl?

  • Create Your Own Custom Lists: Whether it’s your favorite romantic comedies, must-watch TV series, or an anime marathon list, Custom Lists allow you to categorize content exactly how you want it.

  • Unlimited Customization: Simkl’s Custom Lists provide you with unparalleled control and flexibility to organize your media library. This feature has been designed with member preferences in mind, and it offers various customization options:

  1. Naming and Describing: You can assign specific names and descriptions to your lists, allowing you to identify and categorize them effortlessly.

  2. Tagging and Note-taking: Add relevant tags and personal notes to your lists, ensuring that you can quickly recall specific details or thoughts about your media.

  3. Reordering: Arrange the items in your list in the order that suits you best, whether it’s by preference, genre, or any other criteria.

  4. Background Selection: Choose from a selection of attractive backgrounds for your list, or upload your own to add a personal touch.

  5. Complete Control: Your media library is governed by your rules. Customize it in a way that resonates with your tastes and interests.

  • Explore Different Sharing Options: With the ability to set your custom lists as Public, Private, or Unlisted, you have complete control over who sees your content. Share your lists with the entire Simkl community or keep them confidential for your personal use.

  • List Discovery: When custom lists are shared publicly, other members can explore them. This allows people to connect over common interests and helps them find new content they might enjoy, building a better community.

  • Follow other Member’s lists or Official lists: By following a list, you can easily see updates and stay connected with what others are adding to their lists or recommending when browsing the “My Lists” section. Recently updated lists will move up so you won’t miss anything new added to the lists you’re following.

  • Pin lists to the top in “My Lists”: You can focus on specific lists without losing where they are by pinning them to the top. All pins are private and only you can see them.

  • Create with Friends: Collaborative Custom Lists enable you to work with friends, family, or anyone in the Simkl community to craft lists together. Perfect for joint viewing parties or shared interests!

  • Integration with Watchlists: Seamlessly blend your Custom Lists with your existing Watchlists, for a streamlined and cohesive browsing experience. See the count and percentage of movies you watched in any custom list.

  • Suggestions: This tool lets other members give you ideas for what to add to your lists. Whether you’re making a list of favorite movies or planning an anime-watching marathon, Suggestions can help you find things you might like but didn’t know about. It’s like getting tips from friends who know what you enjoy. With Suggestions, making lists becomes more fun and personal, and it might even lead you to discover something new and exciting. Try it out, and see how it changes the way you explore media on Simkl!

  • See who suggested which item and quickly approve to add to the main list.

  • Easy to Use: Simkl’s Custom Lists have a simple design that everyone can use. You can make, manage, and find lists without any trouble. It’s fun and easy, whether you’re new or have been using Simkl for a while. You can quickly organize your favorite shows, work on lists with friends, or find new things to watch with Movies, TV shows, and Anime on Simkl.

  • Favorites Lists: Every show and movie has a 🤍 button. Pressing the heart button will add it to one of 3 lists: - Favorite TV Shows - Favorite Anime - Favorite Movies

Within these lists, you can even arrange your selections, moving your most-loved movies or shows to the top. It’s a personalized way to keep track of what you love most!

  • Import lists from many different sources: You can bring in lists from different places into Simkl. If you have favorite shows or movies saved somewhere else, you can quickly move them to Simkl. This makes it easy to keep all your favorite things in one spot, and it’s simple to do. This feature underscores Simkl’s commitment to providing an efficient and customized experience, tailored to meet the diverse needs of its community.

  • Take Notes: Add Public and Private notes to list items or a private note for the list. Each note for the same item is unique to the list.

  • PS: Our older Memo feature is displayed in all custom lists that you browse. So you can have a Movie note for the list as well as a Memo.

  • Explore Our Official Curated Lists: Each one is carefully selected and handpicked by our experienced Editorial Team to provide you with the best recommendations and insights into various genres and themes.

  • List Cloning Feature: With the simple capability to duplicate any existing list in mere seconds, you can now effortlessly make it your very own. This functionality not only streamlines the personalization process but also allows you to harness pre-existing structures, adapting them to your unique needs and preferences. Experience the ease and efficiency of cloning lists, tailored exclusively for your convenience.

  • Full markdown support: Utilize the full power of Markdown formatting in list descriptions. This incredible feature allows for the seamless incorporation of various text styles, links, images, and more, providing a rich and engaging experience for both creators and viewers. Whether crafting a simple list or a comprehensive guide, you can use this functionality to create visually appealing and informative content. The best part? You’re not confined to a small character limit. With support for up to 100,000 characters, your creativity knows no bounds. Explore, innovate, and engage with Simkl’s Markdown support in your lists, and take your content to new heights.

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