Are there any limitations to the number of shows and movies I can track on Simkl?

If you're a Anime, TV show and Movie enthusiast, you might be wondering if there are any restrictions on how many shows and movies you can track on Well, the good news is that both Free and Premium users have no limitations when it comes to tracking the number of shows and movies. You can add as many as you like to your watchlist, making sure you never miss a moment of entertainment.

Whether you're keeping track of the latest episodes of your favorite series or creating a list of must-watch movies, Simkl has got you covered. Enjoy the freedom to explore a vast library of content without worrying about hitting a tracking limit.

However, while there's no cap on the number of shows and movies you can track, there is a limit when it comes to creating custom lists. Custom lists are a great way to organize your entertainment preferences, but Simkl sets a maximum number for Free users. If you find yourself wanting to create an extensive collection of custom lists, consider upgrading to a Premium plan to unlock more list-making opportunities.

In conclusion, whether you're a Free or Premium user, you can track an unlimited number of shows and movies on Simkl, allowing you to discover, enjoy, and share your entertainment journey without boundaries.

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