Importing to Simkl

Yes, You can import your watch history from other sites seamlessly in few clicks

Importing is supported in Simkl from a total of 14 different providers, and users also have the option to import a custom.csv data file or import via API.

Importing data to SIMKL allows you to transfer your watchlists, viewing history, and preferences from other popular sites like Netflix, Crunchyroll, IMDb, Trakt, and Letterboxd. This means you don't have to start from scratch on SIMKL, your well-curated content follows you effortlessly.

How Does It Work?

  1. Link Your Accounts: Simply connect your existing accounts on IMDb, Trakt, MyAnimeList or Letterboxd to your SIMKL profile.

  2. Transfer Data: With a few clicks, SIMKL will pull in your watchlists and viewing history, populating your SIMKL account with your favorite shows and movies.

  3. Seamless Transition: Your entertainment preferences seamlessly transition to SIMKL, saving you time and ensuring a smooth user experience.

Easily Import to SIMKL:

pageCan I undo an import if I'm not satisfied with the results or if it causes issues with my account?pageIf I delete my Simkl account, will I still be able to access my exported data?

Can I sync my watch history and watchlist with other streaming platforms, like Netflix, or Crunchyroll or other streaming services?

Yes, You can import your watch history using Simkl's Chrome extension

Importing watch history from Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and HBO MAX is not currently supported because those services do not have a page with a watch history and do not provide any APIs to be able to do that.

How do I import my watch history from other tracking platforms, like IMDb, Trakt, TV Time or MyAnimeList?

You can import the watch history from 14+ different services using Simkl's Import apps:

SIMKL is continuously evolving to enhance your experience. The platform has exciting plans to add more import options for other streaming sites in the future. This means you'll have even more flexibility to migrate your data and preferences, making SIMKL the ultimate hub for your entertainment needs.

In conclusion, importing data from other streaming sites to SIMKL is a game-changer for avid show and movie enthusiasts. It streamlines your tracking process, offers personalized recommendations, and ensures you never miss a beat in your entertainment journey.

With future plans to expand import options, SIMKL remains committed to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. Start importing your data today and embark on a more organized and enjoyable entertainment adventure.

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