Add-On for Simkl. Automatically track what you’re watching on Emby.

How to install:

  1. Open Emby server Configuration page

  2. In Advanced > Plugins click the Catalog tab

  3. Scroll down to General section where you will find Simkl TV Tracker plugin. Short link: http://localhost:8096/web/index.html#!/plugins/plugincatalog.html

  4. Click install

  5. Restart Emby server

  6. Open plugin settings and click log in, click the PIN link (you should be automatically logged in) and come back to Emby. If you see a blank settings page at this point, refresh the page and then you'll be able to see your Simkl profile name which means you are logged in and can change the settings.

Having issues clicking the Log in button in the add-on?

If you see "Some error occurred, see browser log for more details", then most likely you're using your own domain with NGNIX proxy or using a seedbox that is blocking all requests from the server to Simkl's login server.

How to fix without changing configs:

Instead of using your custom domain, open the IP URL of your Emby server and you should not have any issues with the login.

How to locate IP in seedbox:

Open your seedbox settings and click the Remote (WAN) access IP URL

Now you should be able to log in to Simkl the add-on settings.

How to fix in NGNIX

If you're using Emby with an NGNIX proxy server, or your own custom domain, you may need to add some config in ngnix like in the screenshot below, to fix the issue.

location /Simkl {
    rewrite ^/Simkl/(.*)$ /***YOUR CUSTOM URL***/Simkl/$1 last;

How does Simkl's add-on for Emby work?

When you watch 70% of the video on Emby (configurable in Add-On options), Simkl Add-on will send a ping to the Simkl API that you watched the video and Simkl will mark this video as watched in your Simkl profile.

Simkl Add-On for Emby can detect and mark TV Shows, Anime episodes, and Movies that you watch on your Emby Media Player.

Even when Emby could not recognize the video you’re watching, it will send the filename to Simkl as well, which has a better detection library, especially for Anime filenames so everything that you watch can be recognized and marked as watched.

Is it open source?

Yes! Check the code on GitHub

Found a bug?

Please report any bugs at https://github.com/SIMKL/Emby/issues

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