Configuring Privacy Settings

Privacy is crucial, and SIMKL understands that. With SIMKL's privacy settings, you can control who sees your activity and what information is shared.

To manage your privacy settings, follow here:

pagePrivacy Settings and Managing SharingpageWill my private or hidden content be included in the exported data?pageHow does Simkl ensure the privacy and security of my viewing history and data?pageWill my imported data be kept private, or can other users see it?

How to Customize Your SIMKL Profile: Public or Private Visibility?

To customize the visibility of your SIMKL profile, you can adjust your privacy settings to Public, Private or People Who You Follow .

  • Public: Anyone, can see your SIMKL Profile and Watch History

  • Private: No one can see your SIMKL Profile.

  • People Who You Follow: Only users who you follow on SIMKL, can see your Profile and Watch History

How to Hide Reviews from TV Show, Movie, Anime Pages?

To hide reviews on TV shows, Movie and Anime pages on Simkl, you can adjust your privacy settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Simkl account.

  2. Go to your account settings.

  3. Look for the privacy settings section.

  4. Find the option to hide reviews on TV shows and movie pages.

  5. Enable or toggle the setting to hide the reviews.

  • Public: Anyone can see your reviews on Movies, TV Shows, Anime pages

  • Private: No one can see your reviews, hidden from others.

By adjusting this setting, you can control the visibility of reviews on TV shows and movie pages according to your preferences.

How to hide your Last Watched Date on your Profile?

To hide your watched data on Simkl, you can adjust your privacy settings. By making your watchlists and watch history private, you can ensure that your watched data is not visible to others. You can customize your privacy settings by going to your account settings on Simkl's website.

By default, all SIMKL profiles are public, meaning that everyone can see your watchlists and imported data. However, you have the option to make your profile and watchlists private. To do this, go to your privacy settings on the SIMKL website and choose the desired level of privacy for your profile.

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