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Export Your SIMKL Lists!

The Clipboard feature in is a nifty tool that simplifies your entertainment experience by allowing you to easily copy and manage your favorite TV shows, Movies, and Anime effortlessly.

Imagine having a virtual clipboard where you can easily copy your TV series, movies, anime, or even your custom lists that you want to export easily.

That's precisely what the Clipboard feature in SIMKL offers!

  • Quick and Easy Exports

  • Share with friends & family

  • Easily shareable on various supported social media sites

The clipboard feature is a SIMKL v2 Beta Feature

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How to use the Clipboard Export Feature on SIMKL?

The Clipboard Export feature on SIMKL is a handy tool that allows you to take your entertainment organization to the next level. It enables you to export your personalized Clipboard lists, ensuring you have easy access to your favorite shows and movies, even outside the SIMKL platform.

Here's a simple guide on how to use the Clipboard Export feature:

  • Create Your Clipboard: First, make sure you have added TV Shows / Movies / Anime in your list the use the Clipboard function. You can do this by clicking the "Clipboard" button whenever you come across something you want to copy. (Refer to the image below to find this button)

  • Select a Copy Format: We currently have few different types of formats on SIMKL where you can copy to clipboard, reddit being the most popular one! You just have to select on - any - one - type that you feel is the best output for you!

Preview Example of Different Format:

  • Paste In Your Destination: After Your Desired Copy Format is Selected, can paste your export format from SIMKL and share it with your friends & family!

1# Text List - (Position + Title) only - Below Image as an example of Output

2# Text List - (Position + Title + URL) only - Below Image as example of Output

3# For Reddit Formatted Clickable Link Lists

4# For Reddit Format - List With Year

5# For Reddit Format - List With Year + Genres

6# For Reddit Table Format - List With Year

7# For Reddit Table Format - List With Year + Genres

8# For Reddit Table Format - List With Year + My Rating

9# For Reddit Table Format - Box Office Details

The Clipboard Export feature on SIMKL empowers you to have your entertainment preferences at your fingertips. Whether you want to have a backup of your lists or share recommendations with others, this feature makes it all possible.

In conclusion, using the Clipboard Export feature on SIMKL is a breeze. By following these simple steps, you can easily export your curated lists and stay connected to your favorite shows and movies wherever you go. So, start using the Clipboard Export feature today and make your entertainment journey even more enjoyable! Happy organizing!

For Reddit Posts & Comments

Yes, it also can be used in Reddit comments

The Clipboard Export feature from is a game-changer for Reddit users who love discussing TV shows and movies. It offers incredible usefulness and advantages when it comes to creating Reddit posts and comments that are well-informed and engaging.

Its ability to provide easy access to watchlists, custom lists, quick recommendations, box office details, and effortless commenting enhances the Reddit experience. So, if you're an active Reddit user passionate about entertainment, make the most of this feature and join the vibrant discussions with confidence!

For SIMKL Custom Lists

Are You Looking for More Formats in Clipboard?

Connect with us on our Discord server, if you are looking for more other types of formats to export your list or have ideas!

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