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SIMKL offers a flexible and customizable experience when viewing your favorite TV shows, anime, and movies. One of its standout features is the ability to create custom layouts and view designs, giving you the power to tailor your viewing experience to your liking. Whether you're a fan of detailed tables, eye-catching posters, or sleek card views, SIMKL has you covered.

Imagine you have your own room and want to arrange the furniture just how you like it. Custom layouts on SIMKL are similar, you get to arrange how things look on your screen.

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Watch our quick intro on how different views work on Desktop and Mobile:

pageExamples of Design Views

Detailed instructions for Table, Poster, and Card views:

1. Three Distinct View Designs

There are three main ways to view your content: Table View, Poster View, and Card View. Each has its own style and options for making it your own.

a. Table View - Organised Lists

In Table View, your content is displayed in neat lists, like rows on a spreadsheet, offers a structured, tabular presentation of your tracked content. This view offers an organised way to browse your content.

It's particularly versatile as it comes in two variations:

  • Modern View: This presents your content with a contemporary style look, making it easy to read and navigate.

  • Retro View: This style is a bit old-school, If you prefer a nostalgic vibe, this option takes you back in time with its classic design.

Further Filters: Enhance your browsing experience with additional filters that can be enabled or disabled in both Modern and Retro View. These filters provide flexibility and control over the display of content. Here are the available options:

  • No Borders: Enabling this option will remove the borders around each item in the Table View. This creates a seamless, borderless look, providing a clean and modern appearance to your tracked content.

  • Compact View: By selecting Compact View, you're choosing a condensed layout. This layout reduces the spacing between items, allowing you to see more content on a single screen. It's an excellent choice if you prefer a more compact and information-dense view.

  • Hide Airing Status: If you decide to hide the airing status, it means that information about whether a TV show or anime is currently airing or not will be concealed. This can help declutter your view, especially if you're primarily interested in completed series.

  • Airing Status After Title: This customization lets you adjust the display of the airing status. You can choose to have this status information either displayed before or after the title of the TV show or anime. This flexibility allows you to position this information in a way that's most convenient for you.

  • Hide Position Rank: Enabling this filter will remove rank positions from the Table View. Rank positions are numerical rankings that indicate the popularity or rating of a show. If you prefer a cleaner view without these rankings, this option is ideal.

  • Hide Watchlist Icons: When you enable this option, any icons related to your watchlist will be hidden. This can help reduce visual clutter, particularly if you have a substantial watchlist.

  • Hide Year Info: If you'd rather not see the year information associated with each TV show or anime, you can hide it. This declutters the view, making it easier to focus on other details.

  • Year After Title in Table: This customization allows you to rearrange the placement of the year information. You can choose whether the year is displayed before or after the title of the TV show or anime, depending on your preference.

  • Hide Poster Image: Enabling this option removes poster images from the Table View. This results in a text-based view without visual representations of each show.

  • Hide Type: The content type, such as whether a show is a TV series, movie, or anime, can be concealed with this filter. This is useful if you're primarily interested in the names and details of the shows without their content type.

  • Hide My Personal Rating: Enabling this option keeps your personal ratings private. Others won't be able to see your ratings for each show when this filter is active.

  • Hide Rating: This filter hides general ratings for each Movie or TV Show or Anime. If you prefer not to see user-generated ratings, you can enable this option.

  • Hide DVD Date: By activating this filter, DVD release dates will be removed from the display. This can be helpful if you're primarily interested in other information about the shows.

  • Full Memo Text: Enabling this filter displays complete memos or notes for each item. This ensures that you can view and access all the memo text associated with your tracked content.

b. Poster View - Big Pictures

In Poster View, your content is shown with big poster images. You can choose from a range of sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) to tailor the viewing experience to your screen size and personal preferences. Whether you prefer compact thumbnails or larger-than-life posters, there's an option for everyone.

  • Hide Rank Position Number: For a clutter-free interface, you can opt to hide the ranking position numbers associated with each poster. This allows you to focus solely on the visual aspect of the content without any distractions.

  • Hide Watchlist Icons: Say goodbye to watchlist icons cluttering your view. With this feature, you can enjoy a clean and streamlined browsing experience, free from unnecessary visual elements.

  • Round Corners: Add a touch of elegance to your poster view with rounded corners. This subtle aesthetic enhancement lends a polished look to each poster, elevating the overall presentation.

  • More Spacing: Customize the spacing between items to achieve the perfect balance between visual appeal and organization. Whether you prefer a tightly packed layout or a more spacious arrangement, this feature allows you to fine-tune the spacing according to your preferences.

  • Hide All Text Info: For those who prefer a minimalist approach, you can choose to hide all text information accompanying the posters. This results in a clean and visually focused browsing experience, perfect for users who prioritize aesthetics.

  • Show Info on Hover: Alternatively, you can opt to display text information only when you hover your mouse over a poster. This interactive feature allows you to access relevant details such as title, rating, and synopsis on-demand, enhancing the browsing experience without cluttering the interface.

c. Card View - Different Styles

Card View is like having different styles of furniture in your room. You can choose from Mini Card View, Wide Card View, and Large Card View.

  • Mini Card View

  • Wide Card View

  • Large Card View

  • Enable / Disable Compact View: Choose whether to show content in a compact or spacious way.

  • Hide Position of Rank: Don't display ranking positions.

  • Hide Watchlist Icons: Remove those little icons.

  • Round Corners: Makes the cards have rounded edges.

Common Toggle Feature in Movies, TV Shows, Anime.

2. Sort Content By

SIMKL offers a variety of sorting options to help you find the content you're looking for quickly and easily. Whether you're searching for your next favorite TV show, movie, or anime, these sorting options allow you to customize your browsing experience. Let's take a closer look at each sorting option:

Ranking and Ratings

  • Rank: Sort content based on their ranking, allowing you to discover top-rated titles.

  • Average Rating: Arrange content by average user ratings, helping you find highly-rated shows and movies.

  • Drop Rate: Sort by drop rate to identify titles that viewers tend to stop watching.

List Dates

  • Date Added to the List: Organize content based on when it was added to your list, making it easier to keep track of new additions.

Personal Progress

  • My Ratings: Sort content by your personal ratings, helping you revisit your favorite titles or discover ones you've enjoyed in the past.

  • My Last Watched: Arrange content based on when you last watched it, assisting you in picking up where you left off.

  • My Episode Left to Watch: (Sort feature for only TV Shows / Anime Section) Sort by the number of episodes you have left to watch, ensuring you stay on track with your viewing progress.

  • My Progress %: (Sort feature for only TV Shows / Anime Section) Organize content based on your progress percentage, allowing you to focus on titles you're close to completing.

Audience Engagement

  • Number of Votes: Sort by the total number of votes, providing insight into the popularity of each title.

  • People Watched: Arrange content by the number of people who have watched it, helping you discover trending titles.

  • People Plan to Watch: Sort by the number of people who plan to watch a title, indicating its anticipated popularity.

Upcoming Content

  • Coming Soon: Organize content by upcoming releases, allowing you to stay informed about new and exciting titles.

  • DVD Coming Soon: (Sort feature for only Movies Section) Sort by upcoming DVD releases, allowing you to plan your purchases in advance.

Title Details

  • First Release Date: Sort by the initial release date of each title, providing a chronological view of content.

  • Last Episode Air Date: (Sort feature for only TV Shows / Anime Section) Arrange content based on the most recent episode air date, helping you stay up-to-date with ongoing series.

  • Next Episode Air Date: (Sort feature for only TV Shows / Anime Section) Sort by the date of the next episode air date, ensuring you don't miss upcoming episodes.

  • DVD Release Date: (Sort feature for only Movies Section) Organize content by the DVD release date, helping you keep track of physical media releases.

Binge Length

  • Total Season Count: Organize content by the total number of seasons, providing insight into the scope of each series.

  • Total Episode Count: Sort by the total number of episodes, helping you gauge the length of each series.

  • Total Running Time: Arrange content based on the total duration, allowing you to find titles that fit your available viewing time.

  • Episode Runtime: Sort by the duration of each episode, helping you choose shows that align with your preferences.

Alphabetical Order

  • Alphabet (A to Z): Organize content alphabetically by title, facilitating easy navigation and browsing.

3. Advanced Filtering

For advanced filtering options, SIMKL's Discover & Explore Guide Page provides in-depth information. Here, you can explore additional ways to refine your content discovery and tracking experience.

pageDiscovering & Exploring With Filters

In conclusion, SIMKL's custom layouts and view designs empower you to curate your tracking experience precisely as you desire. Whether you prefer a structured table view, eye-catching poster view, or visually appealing card view, you can fine-tune your interface to match your unique preferences.

Furthermore, with extensive sorting and advanced filtering options, you have the tools to discover and manage your favorite movies, TV shows, and anime with ease.

4. More Options

SIMKL offers a range of advanced features to enhance your browsing and organizing experience. Let's dive into each feature and see how they can optimize your usage of the platform:

Ascending & Descending Order

Sort your content in ascending or descending order based on your preferences. Whether you're organizing your watchlist or exploring new titles, this feature ensures you can arrange content the way you want.

Hide Watchlist icon

Streamline the interface by hiding watched icons associated with each item. With a simple toggle button, you can declutter your view and focus on discovering new content without distractions.

Fading Watched

Easily identify watched items by fading them out in your list. This visual cue helps you keep track of your progress and quickly identify what you've already seen.

Advanced List Management


Duplicate existing lists effortlessly with the clone lists feature. Whether you want to create variations of your favorite lists or start fresh with a similar structure, this feature simplifies the process.

Clipboard Feature

Save items to your clipboard for easy reference and organization. With the clipboard feature, you can collect titles from across the platform and manage them efficiently.

For More Details for Using Clipboard Feature, Check out this page below:

pageClipboard Feature


Share your lists, recommendations, and favorite titles with friends and fellow users. Whether you want to showcase your curated collection or collaborate on a list with others, the sharing feature makes it simple.


Stay updated on the latest activity from your friends and the SIMKL community with personalized feeds. Discover new content, see what your friends are watching, and engage with discussionsβ€”all in one place.


Transfer lists from external sources to SIMKL seamlessly with the import list feature. Whether you're migrating from another platform or sharing lists with friends, this feature simplifies the process.


Export your lists from SIMKL to share or backup externally. Whether you want to archive your collections or collaborate with others, the export lists feature ensures you can take your lists wherever you go.

Viewing Saved Layouts

Access and manage your saved layout designs with ease. Whether you prefer a specific view for your watchlist or want to experiment with different layouts, this feature allows you to customize your browsing experience effortlessly.

pageCreating New View Layout

With these advanced features, SIMKL empowers you to personalize your browsing experience, streamline your organization process, and connect with fellow users. Explore these features today and elevate your SIMKL experience to new heights!

pageExamples of Design Views

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