Creating New View Layout

Create a new layout with your current view, filters and sorting options

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of saving \ creating a new view layout on SIMKL. Whether you prefer a sleek poster view, a compact table view, or a detailed card view, creating a custom layout allows you to browse your favorite content exactly the way you want. Let's dive in and explore how you can unleash the full potential of SIMKL's customization options.

What are Layouts?

Welcome to a realm of limitless customization on SIMKL! As you've already explored the vast world of Movies, TV Shows, and Anime, it's time to take your experience to new heights with our special feature: Custom Layouts.

With Custom Layouts, you wield the power to design and save personalized views tailored to your preferences. Whether you're a fan of Poster View, Card View, or Table View, there's a layout waiting for you to craft.

Unlimited Creativity, Boundless Possibilities

The beauty of Custom Layouts lies in its flexibility. You can save various configurations, including your current view, filters, and sorting options. Mix and match to your heart's content, choosing between different views, filters, and sorting methods to curate the perfect setup for your browsing pleasure.

How to Create a New View Layout:

Custom Layouts are saved individually for 3 types of screen sizes: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

Simple Steps to Personalization

  • Choose Your Customizations: Begin by selecting your desired advanced filters, view styles (Poster / Card / Table), and sorting preferences. Whether you're seeking the highest-rated titles or the latest releases, or based on most watched, tailor your layout to match your browsing habits.

pageExamples of Design Views
  • Save Your Design: Once you've fine-tuned your layout, navigate to the More Options button and give your creation a name. Decide whether you want to save your current view, filter settings, sorting options, or a combination of all three.

  • Select Your Scope: Determine where you want your custom layout to be applied. Whether it's for a specific page or across all user lists, the choice is yours. Keep in mind that filter options may vary between sections, ensuring a tailored experience for each category.

  • Finalize and Save: With your selections made, hit the "Save New Layout" button, and watch as your personalized view comes to life. Congratulations, you've just created your first Custom Layout!

Rename, edit, or make any layout a default one when visiting a certain list

Benefits of Creating New View Layouts on SIMKL:

  • Tailored Experience: Customize your browsing experience to suit your preferences.

  • Efficient Navigation: Streamline browsing with personalized filters and sorting options.

  • Personalization: Hide or display elements and adjust sizes for a personalized view.

  • Enhanced Visuals: Choose layouts that match your aesthetic preferences.

  • Productivity Boost: Prioritize information and eliminate distractions for focused browsing.

  • Consistency: Enjoy a consistent experience across all devices.

  • Shareable: Share your favorite layouts with friends and fellow users.

Creating a new view layout on SIMKL gives you the freedom to browse your favorite content exactly the way you want. Take control of your browsing experience today and discover the joy of personalized viewing.

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