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Using & Understanding Advanced Filters Feature in Movies Section

The Movie Discovery Section on SIMKL offers a treasure trove of films, and the Advanced Filters take your movie exploration to the next level.

Here's an in-depth look at these filters, helping you uncover the perfect movie gems based on your preferences:

Movies Discovery Page:

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Advanced Filtering also has a Rules Feature, that allows you to include & exclude certain as per your customization. For Example: You are looking for Horror Movies, but you don't want any Romance, Drama, or Animation Genre/tags in that film. Using the Rules Feature, this can be done!

Using Filters in Movies Section

User's Watchlist Filter

In the vast landscape of cinema, your movie-watching journey deserves personalization and structure.'s My (Users) Movies Lists Filter provides precisely that.

It's your toolkit for curating and organizing your cinematic adventures. Whether you're looking to explore, mark your favorites, or manage your progress, this feature empowers you to craft a movie experience that aligns with your unique preferences.

Whether you want to explore films you haven't seen, find your favorites, or prioritize those with memos or DVD releases, the "Filter By" options allow you to create a personalized movie universe.

Let's dive into the details and discover how you can shape your movie world with this indispensable tool, how each filter contributes to your unique movie experience.

  1. Full List: Your cinematic journey encapsulated. The Full List filter offers an overview of all the movies you've engaged with on

  2. Plan to Watch List: As a harbinger of future delights, the Plan to Watch List houses movies you're eager to experience, ensuring you never run out of captivating options.

  3. Completed List: Relive the excitement of movies you've successfully watched. The Completed List filter is your treasure chest of cinematic accomplishments.

  4. Dropped List: Discover movies that didn't resonate with you through the Dropped List filter, an introspective space to mark films that didn't make the cut.

Filter By: Curate Your Movie Experience

  1. Favorites: Instantly access your cherished movies using the Favorites filter. Your cinematic gems are just a click away.

  2. Not In My List: Expand your movie horizons by exploring films not yet added to your list. The Not In My List filter is your portal to new adventures.

  3. Not Watched: Curate your watchlist with the Not Watched filter. This filter offers movies you've marked but haven't watched, helping you plan your next cinematic escape.

  4. Not Rated: Embark on a journey of exploration with the Not Rated filter. It presents movies you've watched but haven't yet rated, prompting you to share your thoughts.

  5. Has Memos: Delve into movies you've adorned with personal memos. The Has Memos filter unveils the films that have inspired your reflections.

  6. Released on DVD: For enthusiasts of physical copies, the Released on DVD filter points you toward movies available in a tangible format.

Exploring Advanced Filter Options


Find movies based on user ratings, ensuring you discover films with the audience's seal of approval. Set your cinematic standard with the Rating filter, narrowing down movies based on user ratings.

Vote Count:

Filter movies by the number of votes they've received, indicating popularity and engagement. Explore films with substantial viewer engagement through the Vote Count filter, revealing movies that have captured the audience's attention.


Explore films based on their ranking, providing insights into their overall standing within the community. Discover films with varying ranks assigned by users. The Rank filter provides insight into movies that resonate with the community.

Movie Budget:

Discover movies based on their production budget, whether you're intrigued by high-budget blockbusters or indie creations.

Movie Box Office:

Filter movies by their box office earnings, helping you uncover commercial successes and box office hits. Immerse yourself in the financial aspect of cinema by filtering based on box office earnings.

Drop Rate:

Identify movies with a low drop rate, indicating that viewers tend to complete watching these films. Uncover movies with high drop rates, indicating those that many viewers started but didn't finish, allowing you to make informed choices.


Narrow down your search by choosing specific genres like action, romance, horror, comedy & more. Tailor your cinematic experience with the Genres filter. Dive into specific genres that pique your interest.

Themes / Tags:

Explore movies with specific themes or tags, such as "coming of age," "superhero," or "time travel." Customize your movie exploration by filtering based on themes and tags, ensuring you discover films that align with your interests.


Find movies in your preferred language or explore films from around the world. Break language barriers with the Languages filter. Discover movies available in your preferred languages.

Movie Age Rating:

Find movies suitable for your age group using the Movie Age Rating filter, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience. Filter movies by age ratings like PG-13, R, or G, ensuring they align with your viewing preferences.


General Audience

All Ages Permitted

(1-12 Years)


Parental Guidance Suggested

Some materials may not be suitable for children

(1-12 Years)


Parents Strongly Cautioned

Some materials may be inappropriate for children under 13

(13-16 Years



Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian

(17 Years)


Adults Only

No one under 17 is permitted

(18-21 Years)

Not Rated





Discover movies based on their current status, whether they're rumored, planned, in production, released, or canceled.

Movies go through various stages of development before they grace the silver screen. Whether you're curious about upcoming releases, films in production, or even those that unfortunately got canceled, this filter offers an intriguing way to navigate the movie world.

Navigate movies based on their production status, Filter options include:

  • Rumored Movies:

Discover movies that are the subject of speculation and whispers in the entertainment realm. These are projects that are rumored to be in the works, generating buzz and anticipation among enthusiasts. While details might be scant, exploring rumored movies adds an air of excitement to your cinematic anticipation.

  • Planned Movies:

Explore films that have moved beyond the rumors are officially planned for production. These are projects that have gained traction and are in the pipeline for development. As a movie enthusiast, tracking planned movies gives you a heads-up on what's coming, allowing you to be at the forefront of movie trends.

  • In Production:

Dive into the world of movies that are currently in the process of being made. From casting to shooting, these films are actively being crafted by filmmakers. Exploring movies in production offers insights into the creative process and allows you to follow the journey from script to screen.

  • Post Production:

Discover films that have wrapped up the principal photography stage and are undergoing the post-production process. This phase involves editing, sound design, visual effects, and more. Exploring movies in post-production lets you peek behind the curtain and witness the final touches that transform raw footage into a cinematic masterpiece.

  • Canceled:

While not all movies make it to the finish line, exploring the "Canceled" category provides insight into projects that were once in development but have been officially halted. This filter showcases the unpredictability of the entertainment industry and highlights the challenges filmmakers sometimes face.

  • Released:

Navigate through movies that have completed their cinematic journey and are now available for your viewing pleasure. These are the films that have made their way to theaters, streaming platforms, or home video releases. Exploring released movies allows you to catch up on the latest releases or revisit timeless classics.

Release Date:

The "Release Date" filter on is your compass for navigating the timeline of cinematic wonders. It's your gateway to exploring movies based on when they were released or are set to hit theaters.

This filter ensures that your movie choices align with your desired timeframe, whether you're in the mood for the latest releases or seeking a trip down memory lane. Let's delve into the filter options and how they help you curate your movie experience:

  • Hide Unreleased:

This filter is your key to focusing solely on movies that have already made their debut in theaters. By selecting "Hide Unreleased," you streamline your movie list to exclude any upcoming releases. This option is perfect for those who want to explore films that are readily available for viewing.

  • Hide Released:

Conversely, "Hide Released" caters to those eagerly awaiting the next wave of cinematic releases. By choosing this filter, you narrow down your options to only upcoming movies that are yet to grace the silver screen. It's an excellent choice for those who love to stay ahead of the curve and be among the first to experience new films.

  • Last 7 Days:

For movie enthusiasts who want to keep their finger on the pulse of the latest releases, the "Last 7 Days" filter is a game-changer. It presents movies that have hit theaters within the past week, allowing you to catch up on the freshest cinematic offerings.

  • Last 30 Days:

If you're looking to broaden your scope a bit further, the "Last 30 Days" filter encompasses movies released over the past month. This option is ideal for catching up on recent hits or discovering hidden gems that have recently graced theaters.

  • Last 12 Months:

For a comprehensive overview of movies that have enriched the cinematic landscape over the past year, the "Last 12 Months" filter is your go-to choice. It presents films released within the previous twelve months, ensuring that you're in touch with the latest releases that have left an impact.

DVD Release Date:

The "DVD Release Date" filter on is your passport to the realm of digital movie entertainment. It caters to the curious minds eager to explore movies based on their availability on physical copies like DVDs or online streaming platforms.

This filter transcends the cinematic experience, offering insights into the digital landscape where movies can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own space. Let's dive into the filter options and how they help you uncover recent DVD releases:

  • Last 7 Days:

For those who love staying up-to-date with the latest in home entertainment, the "Last 7 Days" filter is a treasure trove. It showcases movies that have been released on DVDs or digital platforms within the past week. This option ensures you're among the first to experience the magic of movies in your living room.

  • Last 30 Days:

Expanding your window of opportunity, the "Last 30 Days" filter captures movies that have graced digital platforms or DVD shelves in the past month. It's an excellent choice for those who want to explore a broader range of recent releases while relishing the convenience of home viewing.

  • Last 3 Months:

With the "Last 3 Months" filter, you can explore the world of movies that have become available on DVDs or streaming platforms within the past three months. This filter offers a more comprehensive look at recent releases, providing you with ample choices to elevate your movie nights.

  • Last 12 Months:

For a deeper dive into the treasure trove of cinematic gems available for home viewing, the "Last 12 Months" filter is your guide. It unveils movies that have been made accessible on digital platforms or DVDs over the past year. Whether you missed some releases or are looking to relive the magic, this filter has you covered.

Running Time:

Find movies based on their running time, helping you choose films that fit your available viewing time.

Optional More Filters: Customizing Your Journey

  1. No Fanart, Trailer, or Poster: Personalize your experience by excluding movies without fanart, trailers, or posters, enhancing your visual journey.

  2. No IMDB, TMDB, TVDB, or Mal: Filter out movies without specific data sources like IMDB, TMDB, TVDB, or MAL, ensuring you receive comprehensive information.

  3. Hidden From Search: Unearth hidden gems by exploring movies hidden from search results, expanding your cinematic horizons.

These advanced filters empower you to customize your movie discovery experience on SIMKL. Whether you're in the mood for a recent blockbuster, an underrated indie gem, or a specific genre, these filters ensure you find the perfect film for your movie night.

So, start exploring the Movie Discovery Section with advanced filters and embark on a cinematic journey like never before!

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