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Using & Understanding Advanced Filters Feature in TV Shows Section

Whether you're a seasoned TV enthusiast or just embarking on your TV journey, this guide will help you navigate through the diverse array of features and filters that has to offer.

The TV Discovery Section on is your gateway to the realm of television entertainment. Here, you can dive into a vast collection of TV shows, discover new favorites, and explore hidden gems.

With a variety of filters and options at your disposal, you have the power to curate your TV watching experience according to your preferences.

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Advanced Filtering also has a Rules Feature, that allows you to include & exclude certain as per your customization. For Example: You are looking for Horror TV Shows, but you don't want any Romance, Drama, or Animation Genre/tags in that show. Using the Rules Feature, this can be done!

Using Filters in TV Section

User's Watchlist Filter

The heart of the User's Watchlist Filter lies in its TV Shows Lists options. With this filter, you can categorize your TV shows based on your interactions, ensuring a tailor-made experience. Here's what you can do:

  1. Full List: Get an all-encompassing view of all the TV shows you've ever engaged with, consolidated in one convenient location.

  2. Watching List: Keep a real-time track of the TV shows you're currently immersed in and actively following.

  3. Plan To Watch List: Create a strategic lineup of TV shows you're planning to dive into in the future.

  4. Completed List: Showcase TV shows that you've triumphantly conquered and successfully completed.

  5. On Hold List: Temporarily shelve TV shows you plan to resume watching in due time.

  6. Dropped List: Organize TV shows you've decided not to continue watching, maintaining a neat catalog of your preferences.

Filter By: Curate Your TV Shows Experience:

The User's Watchlist Filter takes your TV journey a step further with its "Filter By" options, enabling you to customize your TV show choices based on specific criteria. Explore an array of choices to refine your experience:

  1. Favorites: Spotlight TV shows that you've designated as your personal favorites.

  2. Not in My List: Exclude TV shows that aren't part of your curated lists.

  3. Not Watched: Weed out TV shows you haven't experienced yet.

  4. Not Rated: Exclude TV shows that lack your personal rating.

  5. Not 100% Progress: Discover shows you haven't fully completed, allowing you to continue your journey.

  6. Has Memos: Shine a light on TV shows accompanied by your added memos or notes, enhancing your engagement.

Exploring Advanced Filter Options offers an array of additional filter options to help you discover TV shows that match your preferences:

1. Ratings:

Elevate your search by filtering TV shows based on user ratings. Whether you're seeking top-rated gems or exploring underrated treasures, this filter allows you to navigate shows that resonate with the audience.

2. Vote Count:

Dive into TV shows with higher user engagement and popularity. Discover the shows that have captured the attention and interest of a larger audience.

3. Rank:

Navigate through TV shows by their overall rank. Whether you're seeking critically acclaimed series or the hottest trends, this filter guides you to shows that have made their mark.

4. Drop Rate:

Curate your TV journey by filtering shows based on their drop rate. Find shows that have maintained viewer engagement throughout their run, avoiding those that may have lost steam.

5. TV Show Type:

Explore a diverse range of TV show types, from gripping TV series to captivating animations, and more. Uncover an assortment of genres that cater to your preferences.

  • TV Series:

Immerse yourself in the world of TV series, where captivating storylines unfold over multiple episodes. From thrilling dramas to lighthearted comedies, TV series offer an extended journey with characters you'll come to know and love.

  • Animation:

Embark on animated adventures that transcend age barriers. Animation spans a vast spectrum of genres, catering to children and adults alike. From fantastical worlds to heartfelt narratives, animated TV shows ignite the imagination.

  • Entertainment:

Indulge in the world of entertainment TV shows that offer a variety of experiences. From talent competitions to game shows, and reality contests to variety shows, this category ensures that boredom remains a distant concept.

  • Documentaries:

Expand your horizons with thought-provoking documentaries that delve into real-life stories, historical events, scientific discoveries, and societal issues. Documentaries offer a blend of education and entertainment, enriching your viewing experience.

  • YouTube Content:

Immerse yourself in the realm of digital entertainment with TV shows sourced from YouTube. This category showcases a diverse range of content creators, covering topics as varied as travel, lifestyle, technology, and more.

6. Genres:

Embark on a genre-specific adventure by filtering TV shows according to their distinct genres. Whether you're in the mood for heart-pounding thrillers, side-splitting comedies, mind-bending science fiction, or heartwarming dramas, this filter ensures that you can easily find TV shows that align with your preferred genre.

7. Themes / Tags:

Discover TV shows with themes or tags that resonate with you, they can also revolve around specific themes or carry distinct tags that add depth and uniqueness to their narratives. With our Themes/Tags filter, you can discover TV shows that resonate with your interests on a deeper level.

8. Countries:

Discover TV shows from around the world, showcasing different cultures and perspectives. The "Countries" filter is your passport to an international TV adventure.

9. Language:

The "Language" filter on empowers you to customize your TV viewing experience based on your language preferences. Whether you prefer the comfort of your native language or aspire to enhance your linguistic skills, this filter offers a personalized approach to TV show discovery.

10. Networks:

The "Networks" filter on serves as an invaluable tool for streamlining your TV show exploration. This filter categorizes shows based on their broadcasting networks, making it easier than ever to discover content that aligns with your preferences.

This filter empowers you to curate your TV journey by selecting specific networks that resonate with your taste. Whether you're a fan of Netflix, HBO, DisneyPlus, Hulu, Peacock, Amazon, or other prominent networks, you can easily find shows from your preferred sources.

11. TV Parental Guidelines:

The "TV Parental Guidelines" filter empowers you to customize your TV journey to align with your content preferences. This filter is a valuable tool for viewers of all ages and preferences, offering the ability to filter TV shows based on their content ratings.


(1-6 Years)

This program is aimed at a very young audience, including childrens from 2-6 Years.


(7-13 Years)

This program is designed fro children aged 7 and above.


(All Ages)

Most parents would find this program suitable for all ages. Cannot be broadcasted between 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM


(1-13 Years)

Parental Guidance is recommended; This program may be unsuitable for younger children.


(14-16 Years)

This program may contact some materials, that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.


(17-21 Years)

This program is intended to be viewed by adult and therefore in unsuitable for children under the age of 17.

Not Rated



12. Status:

The "Status" filter is your gateway to exploring TV shows based on their current production or airing status. This filter allows you to delve into the fascinating world of TV series, whether you're eager to catch ongoing episodes, revisit returning favorites, anticipate upcoming releases, or bid farewell to concluded shows. Here's a breakdown of the various statuses you can filter by:

  • Planned:

This category includes TV shows that are in the early stages of development. These shows are in the planning phase and have not yet started production. Exploring planned shows lets you stay ahead of the curve by discovering what's on the horizon in the world of television.

  • Pilot:

TV series in the "Pilot" status have completed their initial episodes, but their fate beyond this stage is uncertain. They've produced a pilot episode, which serves as a test to gauge audience interest and network approval. It's an exciting phase where new concepts are put to the test.

  • In Production:

Shows labeled as "In Production" are actively creating new episodes or seasons. This status is perfect for those who want to keep up with the latest developments in ongoing series.

  • Upcoming:

If you're the type who likes to plan your TV-watching schedule in advance, the "Upcoming" category is ideal. These shows have been announced and are scheduled for release in the near future. You can anticipate their arrival with excitement.

  • Returning Series:

This category features TV shows that have taken a hiatus but are making a comeback with new episodes. It's a chance to reunite with beloved characters and storylines.

  • Canceled:

TV shows that won't be continuing beyond their current season fall under the "Canceled" status. This filter helps you identify shows that, unfortunately, won't be producing more content.

  • Ended:

Shows in the "Ended" category have concluded their run. They've told their story from start to finish, and you can explore them knowing that you won't be left with unresolved cliffhangers.

13. Release Date:

The "Release Date" filter is your time machine to navigate TV shows based on their debut dates. This filter empowers you to align your TV discovery with specific release timeframes, allowing you to explore shows that made their debut during precise periods. Here's how this filter enhances your TV show exploration:

  • Hide Unreleased:

When you enable this option, SIMKL will filter out TV shows that haven't been released yet. This is particularly useful when you want to focus on series that are currently available for viewing.

  • Hide Released:

Conversely, activating this option hides TV shows that have already been released. If you're on the hunt for upcoming series or want to maintain a sense of suspense, this filter is your go-to choice.

  • Last 7 Days:

If you're interested in the latest TV releases, this category showcases shows that have premiered in the past week. It's perfect for staying up-to-date with the freshest content.

  • Last 30 Days:

Expanding the timeframe to the last month, this category includes TV shows that have made their debut within the past 30 days. It offers a slightly broader range while still ensuring you're among the first to enjoy new series.

  • Last 12 Months:

For those who prefer a yearly perspective, this category brings you TV shows that have been released in the past year. It's a great way to catch up on content from the previous seasons.

14. Last Air Date:

The "Last Air Date" filter helps you to stay updated with recently aired TV shows. It's a valuable tool for those who want to ensure they're always in the loop with the latest episodes and series. Here's how this filter enhances your TV show exploration:

  • Today:

This option is your window to today's TV landscape. It displays shows that have aired new episodes on the current day, allowing you to dive into the freshest content available.

  • Last 7 Days:

Expanding the timeframe to the past week, this category includes TV shows that have aired new episodes within the last seven days. It provides a slightly broader scope while still ensuring you're among the first to watch new content.

  • Last 30 Days:

If you prefer a monthly perspective, this category showcases TV shows that have aired new episodes in the past 30 days. It's a great choice for those who want to catch up on the latest episodes without missing out on any recent developments.

  • Last 12 Months:

For viewers who enjoy an annual perspective, this category presents TV shows that have aired new episodes in the past year. It's an excellent way to ensure you're in sync with the TV show landscape, even if you've missed a few episodes along the way.

15. Running Time:

The "Running Time" filter empowers you to tailor your TV journey based on the duration of TV shows. This filter is perfect for viewers who have specific time preferences, whether they want quick, bite-sized episodes or immersive deep dives into longer series. Here's how the "Running Time" filter enhances your TV show exploration:

  • Short Episodes: If you're looking for TV shows with shorter episodes, this filter allows you to discover content that won't demand too much of your time. It's ideal for viewers with busy schedules or those who prefer easily digestible episodes.

  • Medium Episodes: This category offers TV shows with episodes of moderate length. It strikes a balance between quick entertainment and a deeper narrative, making it suitable for a wide range of viewers.

  • Long Episodes: For those who enjoy immersive storytelling and don't mind investing more time in each episode, the "Long Episodes" category showcases TV shows with extended runtimes. It's a great choice for viewers who savor in-depth plots and character development.

16. Season Count:

The "Season Count" filter on provides you with the means to personalize your TV show experience by exploring series with a specific number of seasons. This filter is perfect for viewers who have predilections when it comes to the length and depth of the shows they watch. Here's how the "Season Count" filter enriches your TV show exploration:

  • Single Season: If you prefer TV shows with just one season, this filter hones in on your options for concise narratives. It's ideal for viewers who relish standalone series or those seeking a shorter commitment.

  • Multiple Seasons: For enthusiasts of long-running series with numerous seasons, this category showcases TV shows that feature extensive story arcs and character development. It's an excellent choice for viewers who revel in in-depth and evolving narratives.

  • Custom Selection: With the "Custom Selection" option, you can precisely specify the exact number of seasons you're seeking. This degree of customization ensures that you discover TV shows that align perfectly with your preferences.

In summary, the "Season Count" filter grants you control over your TV show experience. Whether you savor concise single-season series or favor multi-season epics, this filter guides you to shows that correspond to your desired season count. It's a valuable tool for tailoring your TV journey to suit your preferences for narrative depth and length.

17. Episode Count:

The "Episode Count" filter on empowers you to refine your TV show search based on the number of episodes within each series. This filter is perfect for viewers who have distinct tastes when it comes to the length and depth of the shows they watch. Here's how the "Episode Count" filter enhances your TV show exploration:

  • Short Series: If you prefer TV shows with a limited number of episodes, this filter directs you towards succinct and engaging series. It's ideal for viewers who enjoy quick and self-contained storylines.

  • Longer Series: For those who relish immersive and extensive sagas, this category showcases TV shows with a higher episode count. These series often provide intricate character development and intricate plotlines, offering viewers a deeper dive into the narrative.

  • Custom Selection: The "Custom Selection" feature enables you to precisely specify the exact episode count range you're interested in. This level of customization ensures that you discover TV shows that align perfectly with your preferences.

Optional More Filters: Tailor Your Experience

For a more tailored experience, offers optional filters to refine your TV show exploration:

  • No Fan Art: Exclude TV shows without fan art.

  • No Posters: Filter shows without posters.

  • No Trailer: Discover shows without trailers.

  • No IMDB: Exclude shows without IMDB information.

  • No TMDB: Exclude shows without TMDB information.

  • No TVDB: Filter shows without TVDB information.

  • No MAL: Exclude shows without MAL information.

  • Hidden From Search: Discover shows hidden from search results.

The TV Discovery Section on is your ultimate companion for unraveling the world of television entertainment. With a multitude of filters and options, you have the power to curate your TV watching experience according to your tastes and preferences.

Whether you're seeking the latest releases, hidden gems, or timeless classics, has you covered. Start your journey today and embark on a television adventure like no other!

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