Advanced Filters in Anime Section

Using & Understanding Advanced Filters Feature in Anime Section

The Anime Discovery Section on is your gateway to a vast and diverse world of anime content. Whether you're a seasoned anime enthusiast or just beginning your journey, this section empowers you to tailor your anime exploration to match your preferences.

Here's a detailed look at the features and filters that make the Anime Discovery Section a powerful tool for anime enthusiasts:

Anime Discovery Page:

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Advanced Filtering also has a Rules Feature, that allows you to include & exclude certain as per your customization. For Example: You are looking for Horror Anime, but you don't want any Romance, Drama, Genre/tags in that anime. Using the Rules Feature, this can be done!

Using Filters in the Anime Section

User's Watchlist Filter

The "My (Users) Anime Lists" filter is your tool for efficient organization within your anime collection. It empowers you to categorize your anime titles into different lists based on your viewing progress and preferences, ensuring that you can easily manage and access your anime collection with precision.

This filter allows you to categorize your anime collection into different lists based on your viewing progress and preferences:

  1. Full List: This is your comprehensive anime collectionβ€”a repository of all the anime titles you've come across on It provides an overview of every anime you've encountered, making it a convenient reference point for your entire collection.

  2. Watching List: In this list, you can keep track of the anime series that you're currently engaged with. It's your way of marking the shows you're actively following, ensuring you can easily resume your viewing progress.

  3. Plan to Watch List: Here, you can curate a collection of anime titles that you intend to watch in the future. It's like a personal watchlist, helping you keep tabs on the anime you're looking forward to experiencing.

  4. Completed List: The "Completed List" is where you record anime titles that you've successfully finished watching. It's a testament to your anime journey, showcasing the series you've enjoyed from start to finish.

  5. On Hold List: Occasionally, you might pause your anime viewing for various reasons. The "On Hold List" is where you can place anime titles that you've temporarily set aside, allowing you to easily pick up where you left off.

  6. Dropped List: Not every anime series captures your interest, and that's okay. The "Dropped List" lets you document anime titles that you've decided not to finish. It's a helpful reminder of your preferences and viewing choices.

Filter By: Precisely Tailor Your Anime Exploration

The "Filter By" options in the SIMKL Advanced Filter Feature offer you the ability to fine-tune your anime exploration. These filters serve as gateways to a highly customized anime viewing experience, allowing you to zero in on specific aspects of your anime collection. Here's a detailed explanation of each "Filter By" option:

  1. Favorites: With this filter, you can effortlessly discover anime titles that hold a special place in your heart. These are the anime you've marked as your personal favorites, making them easily accessible for you to revisit and enjoy.

  2. Not in My List: Sometimes, you might encounter anime titles that you haven't added to any of your existing lists. This filter comes to the rescue by helping you identify such titles. It ensures that no anime goes unnoticed or unrecorded in your collection.

  3. Not Watched: Are you on the lookout for new anime adventures? The "Not Watched" filter is your guide to uncharted territory. It presents a curated list of anime titles that you haven't watched yet, perfect for discovering fresh content.

  4. Not Rated: Assigning ratings to anime is a part of your anime journey. However, you might find that some titles remain unrated. The "Not Rated" filter highlights these anime, allowing you to ensure that every anime in your collection receives its deserved rating.

  5. Not 100% Progress: Occasionally, you might not complete an entire anime series. Whether due to time constraints or shifting preferences, some anime titles might remain partially watched. This filter locates such titles, helping you decide whether to resume them or explore other series.

  6. Has Memos: Your personal notes and memos can add depth to your anime-watching experience. The "Has Memos" filter identifies anime titles that you've enriched with your insights and comments. It's a valuable tool for revisiting your personal reflections on specific series.

Exploring Advanced Filter Options

The SIMKL Advanced Filter Feature takes your anime discovery to a whole new level by offering an array of advanced options. These filters enable you to delve deep into the world of anime, refining your choices with precision.

Here's a detailed breakdown of each advanced filter option:

1. Anime Seasons:

The Anime Seasons filter is your gateway to discovering anime based on the specific seasons they aired. You can fine-tune your anime selection process with incredible precision. Whether you're eagerly anticipating upcoming seasons like Spring 2024 or want to delve into anime from past years, including 2023, 2022, and beyond, this filter empowers you to align your anime viewing with the seasons.

With the ability to explore anime from various seasons, you'll have access to an extensive library of captivating stories and genres. Whether you're in the mood for a chilling winter tale, a blossoming spring romance, or a thrilling summer adventure, this filter opens the door to a world of anime possibilities.

2. Ratings:

The Ratings filter on allows you to sort and discover anime based on their average user ratings. This means you can fine-tune your anime selection based on the quality and appeal of each series.

The filter empowers you to explore each genre with confidence, knowing that the anime you discover have been assessed and rated by the community. Whether you're on the hunt for highly-rated classics or hidden gems that haven't received the attention they deserve, this filter provides you with the tools to uncover anime treasures.

3. Vote Count:

When it comes to assessing an anime's popularity and community impact, the number of votes it receives is a clear indicator. Each vote represents a viewer's acknowledgment and endorsement of the series. The higher the vote count, the more attention and appreciation an anime has garnered from the community.

The Vote Count filter serves as a valuable tool for uncovering anime based on their community impact. Whether you're interested in exploring the most popular titles or seeking out hidden gems, this filter simplifies your anime discovery journey by highlighting anime that have garnered attention, appreciation, and votes from the anime community.

4. Rank:

The Rank filter is customizable, allowing you to adjust settings and explore anime rankings according to your preferences. Whether you're seeking highly ranked titles or are curious about hidden gems that might not have received widespread attention yet, you have the flexibility to fine-tune your anime selection.

Whether you're drawn to critically acclaimed masterpieces or anime that have captured the hearts of the community, this filter empowers you to explore titles that have a competitive edge in the world of anime.

5. Drop Rate:

The Drop Rate filter offers a unique perspective on anime by allowing you to explore series based on how engaged viewers remained throughout their watching experience. This filter provides valuable insights into which anime captivated their audiences from start to finish and which ones might have presented challenges or surprises along the way.

Anime with low drop rates are often indicative of well-crafted stories, engaging characters, and compelling narratives. These are the series that managed to keep viewers hooked from the beginning until the end. If you're seeking anime that are likely to deliver a consistently enjoyable and satisfying viewing experience, exploring titles with low drop rates is an excellent choice.

The Drop Rate filter on allows you to customize your selection based on your preferences. You can adjust the settings to explore anime with specific drop rate ranges, ensuring that you find series that cater to your tastes. This level of customization empowers you to curate a collection of anime that resonates with your viewing style.

6. Anime Type:

The "Genres" filter in isn't about genres in the traditional sense, such as action, romance, or fantasy. Instead, it allows you to categorize anime by their format. Anime comes in various formats, and this filter lets you tailor your anime selection to your preferred format.

Here's a breakdown of the format categories you can explore:

  • TV Series:

TV series anime is perhaps the most common format. These are the shows that air on television, often with multiple episodes that continue a storyline. TV series offer the chance to follow characters and plots over an extended period, creating deep and engaging narratives.

  • Movies:

Anime movies are standalone or sometimes part of a larger series. They often provide a condensed and cinematic experience, featuring high-quality animation and compelling stories. Anime movies can range from epic adventures to heartwarming tales.

  • OVAs (Original Video Animations):

OVAs are typically released directly to video, DVD, or online streaming platforms. They are often used to explore side stories, extra content, or adaptations of manga and light novels. OVAs can be a treat for fans looking for more from their favorite series.

  • Specials:

Specials are short anime episodes that can be part of a series or stand on their own. They are usually released as bonuses with manga volumes, DVDs, or Blu-rays. Specials offer a quick dose of entertainment and often feature comedic or lighthearted content.

  • ONAs (Original Net Animations):

ONAs are anime specifically created for online streaming. They are designed to be easily accessible on the internet and may cover a wide range of genres and themes. ONAs have become increasingly popular in the age of digital streaming platforms.

  • Music:

Music anime focuses on the world of music, whether it's about bands, solo artists, or musical competitions. These anime often feature performances and explore the passion and creativity behind music.

7. Genres:

The Genres filter offers anime enthusiasts a delightful journey into the rich and diverse world of anime storytelling. Whether you're a dedicated fan of a particular genre or eager to explore new horizons within the anime universe, this filter serves as your gateway to tailored anime discovery.

One of the key benefits of the Genres filter is its ability to provide tailored viewing experiences. Are you in the mood for high-octane battles and heroic quests? Select the "Action" genre. Craving mysterious plots and thrilling suspense? Opt for "Mystery" or "Thriller." Perhaps you're yearning for the magic of love stories? "Romance" is at your service. By choosing the genres that resonate with you, you can ensure that your anime selection matches your mood and interests.

The Genres filter provides you with the flexibility to customize your anime selection. Whether you're seeking a specific genre or wish to combine multiple genres for a truly unique viewing experience, this filter adapts to your preferences. You can effortlessly switch between genres, ensuring that your anime collection reflects your evolving tastes.

8. Themes / Tags:

The Themes/Tags filter on is your key to an enhanced and personalized anime journey. It's designed to cater to anime enthusiasts who appreciate the power of themes and tags in shaping the storytelling experience.

Whether you're in the mood for epic mecha battles, fantastical adventures, heartwarming slice-of-life tales, or any other thematic content, this filter empowers you to curate your anime selection with precision.

9. Countries:

The "Countries" filter opens the door to a world of anime diversity, offering a unique and enriching way to explore the global landscape of anime production. Each country brings its own distinctive style, cultural influences, and storytelling traditions to the world of anime, creating a rich tapestry of animated experiences.

The anime universe extends far beyond the borders of Japan. In recent years, numerous countries have made their mark in the world of animation by producing unique and compelling anime series and films.

Whether you're fascinated by the artistry of different regions, eager to explore unique storytelling traditions, or simply curious about how anime is interpreted around the world, this filter empowers you to delve into the global tapestry of anime.

10. Languages:

The "Languages" filter on opens a door to the rich tapestry of anime diversity, providing an opportunity to explore this captivating medium in various languages. Whether you seek the comfort of your native tongue, desire to learn a new language, or simply want to experience anime from different linguistic perspectives, this filter enhances your anime journey by tailoring it to your language preferences.

For many viewers, watching anime in their native language provides a sense of comfort and familiarity. The "Languages" filter enables you to discover anime dubbed or subtitled in your mother tongue. This can be especially enjoyable for those who prefer to fully grasp the dialogue and cultural references without the need for subtitles.

The "Languages" filter invites you to expand your horizons and explore anime beyond linguistic borders. It's an opportunity to break down language barriers and discover the global reach of anime as a medium that transcends cultures and languages.

11. Studios:

The "Studios" filter offers anime enthusiasts a unique and engaging way to explore their favorite medium. By allowing users to delve into anime produced by specific animation studios, this filter caters to those who have developed a deep appreciation for the artistic and storytelling prowess of particular studios.

Whether you're a dedicated fan of Studio Ghibli's enchanting tales or you admire the visually stunning works of Kyoto Animation, this filter empowers you to stay connected with your preferred studio's latest creations.

Each studio has its own unique history, marked by iconic releases and defining moments. By using the "Studios" filter, you can delve into the rich history of animation studios, uncovering the classics that shaped the industry and understanding the evolution of their creative vision.

"Studios" filter on is a gateway to the world of anime, personalized to your studio preferences. It celebrates the artistry, innovation, and storytelling prowess of animation studios while keeping you informed about their latest endeavors.

12. Producers:

The "Producers" filter is a valuable tool that empowers anime enthusiasts to dive deeper into the world of anime production. This feature enables users to discover anime associated with specific production companies.

Whether you're a seasoned anime aficionado or a newcomer to the medium, understanding the role of production companies in anime creation can significantly enhance your viewing experience.

While some production companies are household names in the anime industry, others may not enjoy the same level of recognition. However, these lesser-known companies often produce hidden gems that deserve recognition. By using the "Producers" filter, you can uncover anime from these studios, expanding your horizons and discovering underrated treasures.

"Producers" filter on is a gateway to the diverse and dynamic world of anime production. It allows you to explore anime associated with specific production companies, discover high-quality content, anticipate future releases, and gain insights into the industry's artistic and cultural influences.

13. Networks:

The "Networks" filter is a valuable tool that empowers anime enthusiasts to dive deeper into the world of anime distribution and broadcasting. This feature allows users to discover anime based on the broadcasting networks or channels responsible for bringing these series to viewers.

Anime broadcasting networks often cater to specific demographics and genres. For example, a network may specialize in shonen (targeted at young males) anime, while another focuses on shojo (targeted at young females) series. By using the "Networks" filter, you can easily locate anime from networks that align with your content preferences. This ensures that you discover anime tailored to your tastes.

the "Networks" filter on opens the door to an expansive world of anime broadcasting. It allows you to explore anime from specific broadcasting networks or channels, discover content that suits your preferences, join dedicated fan communities, and uncover hidden gems.

14. Anime Parental Guidelines:

The "Anime Parental Guidelines" filter empowers users to curate their anime journey based on content ratings. It's a feature designed to ensure that the anime you explore aligns with your viewing preferences, whether you're looking for family-friendly options or mature content.

Anime comes in a wide range of themes, tones, and maturity levels. Some viewers prefer light-hearted and family-friendly series, while others are interested in more mature and complex narratives.

The "Anime Parental Guidelines" filter allows you to fine-tune your anime exploration by selecting specific content ratings that match your preferences. This means you can filter out anime that may be too mature or too tame for your taste.


(All Ages)

For Everyone


(1-12 Years)



(13-16 Years)

Teen 13 or older



Violence & Profanity


(Mildy Nudity)

May also contain violence & Profanity



Extreme Sexual & Nudity

Not Rated



15. Status:

The "Status" filter on serves as your gateway to exploring anime based on their current production or airing status. It's a feature that enables you to stay up-to-date with ongoing series, revisit completed favorites, and eagerly anticipate the arrival of upcoming titles.

Here's a comprehensive look at how the "Status" filter can enhance your anime exploration:

  • Ongoing:

This category includes anime series that are currently in production and airing new episodes. It's your ticket to the latest and greatest anime experiences.

Whether you're a fan of weekly releases or enjoy staying in the loop with ongoing storylines, the "Ongoing" filter keeps you connected with the anime community's current discussions. Dive into the excitement of discovering episodes as they're released and engaging with fellow fans in real-time.

  • Ended:

The "Ended" category is your gateway to anime series that have concluded their run. These are the shows with a complete story, and you can binge-watch them from start to finish without the anticipation of waiting for new episodes.

It's perfect for those who prefer to immerse themselves in a series without the suspense of cliffhangers or mid-season breaks. Whether you missed a classic or want to revisit an old favorite, this filter guides you to anime with a sense of closure.

  • Upcoming:

For anime enthusiasts who like to plan their viewing ahead, the "Upcoming" category is invaluable. It offers a sneak peek into the exciting world of anime that's on the horizon.

These are the series that haven't started airing yet but are generating buzz and anticipation. By exploring the "Upcoming" filter, you can build your watchlist and ensure you're among the first to experience these new adventures. Stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the next big hits in the anime world.

16. Release Date:

The "Release Date" filter empowers you to fine-tune your anime discovery according to specific release date criteria. This feature allows you to explore anime titles that fit precisely within your preferred timeframes. Here's a closer look at the options provided by this filter:

  • Hide Unreleased:

Sometimes, you're interested in what's already available for viewing and not what's yet to come. Selecting "Hide Unreleased" ensures that only anime that have already been released are displayed in your search results. This option is great for viewers who want to dive into anime without the wait.

  • Hide Released:

On the flip side, if you're an avid follower of ongoing series and want to avoid spoilers, "Hide Released" is your go-to choice. It conceals anime that have already been released, keeping your search focused on upcoming titles.

  • Last 7 Days:

If you're keen on staying up-to-date with the latest anime releases, the "Last 7 Days" option is invaluable. It displays anime that have premiered in the past week, ensuring you don't miss out on fresh content.

  • Last 30 Days:

For a slightly broader view of recent releases, the "Last 30 Days" filter showcases anime that have hit the screens in the past month. This is perfect for those who want to catch up on recent additions to the anime landscape.

  • Last 12 Months:

If you're interested in the best of the last year or simply want to explore a wider range of recent titles, "Last 12 Months" offers a comprehensive selection. It includes anime released over the past year, giving you a broader timeframe to choose from.

17. Last Air Date:

The "Last Air Date" filter is your gateway to staying up-to-date with the latest anime episodes and series. With this filter, you can ensure that you're always in the loop, making it easy to pick up where you left off or discover new episodes to enjoy.

Here's a closer look at the options offered by this feature:

  • Today:

If you're a dedicated anime enthusiast who never wants to miss a beat, the "Today" filter is your best friend. It displays episodes that have aired on the very same day, giving you instant access to the freshest content available.

  • Last 7 Days:

For a slightly broader view of recent releases, the "Last 7 Days" option showcases episodes that have aired in the past week. This is perfect for those who prefer to catch up on recent additions to their favorite series or explore new anime.

  • Last 30 Days:

If you're interested in a monthly roundup of episodes, the "Last 30 Days" filter provides a comprehensive selection. It includes episodes that have aired in the past month, ensuring you have access to a variety of recent content.

  • Last 12 Months:

For those who want to take a deeper dive into the archives of anime, the "Last 12 Months" filter offers a broader timeframe. It includes episodes that have aired over the past year, giving you the opportunity to explore a wider range of content.

18. Running Time:

The "Running Time" filter empowers you to customize your anime journey by filtering shows based on their duration. Whether you're in the mood for quick episodes to squeeze into a busy day or deep dives into longer narratives, this filter helps you find anime that perfectly aligns with your time preferences.

Here's how you can use this feature to curate your anime-watching experience:

  • Short Episodes:

If you have limited time or prefer bite-sized content, you can filter for anime with shorter episode durations. This is ideal for those quick anime fixes during breaks or when you have a spare moment.

  • Standard-Length Episodes:

Anime episodes typically run for around 20 to 25 minutes. Filtering for standard-length episodes ensures you get the traditional anime viewing experience without overly long commitments.

  • Long Episodes:

For viewers who enjoy immersive storytelling and in-depth character development, filtering for longer episodes is a great choice. You'll find anime with episodes that go beyond the standard duration, allowing for more complex narratives.

19. Episode Count:

The "Episode Count" filter on allows you to fine-tune your anime exploration by specifying the number of episodes you prefer. This filter caters to your appetite for content, whether you're in the mood for shorter series that you can binge-watch over a weekend or longer sagas that provide an immersive storytelling experience.

Here's how you can make the most of the "Episode Count" filter:

  • Short and Sweet Series:

If you're looking for anime that doesn't require a significant time commitment, you can filter for series with a lower episode count. These shorter series often deliver concise narratives that can be enjoyed in a relatively short amount of time.

  • Standard-Length Series:

Anime series typically range from 12 to 24 episodes, offering a balanced viewing experience with enough depth and character development. By filtering for standard-length series, you can discover anime that provides a well-rounded story without being too long.

  • Long and Epic Sagas:

For viewers who relish in immersive storytelling and extended character arcs, the "Episode Count" filter can help you find anime with a higher number of episodes. These longer sagas allow for more complex narratives and in-depth exploration of the anime's world and characters.

Optional More Filters: Your Personalized Experience

These filters offer additional refinement options to enhance your anime journey:

  • No Fan Art: Locate anime listings without fan-made artwork.

  • No Posters: Find anime listings without official posters.

  • No Trailer: Discover anime listings without trailers.

  • No IMDB: Locate anime listings without IMDb links.

  • No TMDB: Find anime listings without links to The Movie Database.

  • No TVDB: Discover anime listings without links to TVDB.

  • No MAL: Locate anime listings without links to MyAnimeList.

  • Hidden From Search: Discover anime listings that are hidden from general search results.

In essence, the Anime Discovery Section on provides you with a multitude of tools to empower your anime exploration. Whether you're seeking specific genres, studio-produced content, or anime from certain countries, these filters help you curate your anime collection precisely to your liking.

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