How to add new shows, missing episodes and movies to Simkl?

Can't find TV Show, Anime or a Movie on Simkl?

Simkl relies on third-party databases like TVDB (The TV Database), TMDB (The Movie Database), and ANIDB (The Anime Database) for its TV show, Movie, and Anime data. If you find that a specific show, episode, or movie is missing from Simkl, you can add it to the corresponding database.

Please keep in mind that it might take 24 hours to index the data from those sources to be discoverable in search using its Title as we update our search index once every 24 hours. In the meantime, if we have already added the show but it's not in search (by Title), it can be discovered using

Please be aware that for TV shows and movies to be successfully imported into Simkl, an English translation of the title must be provided in TVDB and TMDB.

To add missing TV shows, anime, or movies data to Simkl, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the missing content: Determine if the missing content is a TV show, an anime, or a movie, as this will dictate which database you should update.

  2. Create an account: You'll need an account to contribute to either TMDB or TVDB. Go to the respective website, and create an account if you don't have one already.

  3. Search for the missing content. Before you add the content, make sure it isn't already in the database. Search for the TV show or movie on the appropriate website. If you found the item on those websites, try searching its URL in Simkl Search. If it's not there, proceed to the next step.

  4. Add the missing content:

    For TMDB (movies):

    For TVDB (TV shows):

    • To add a new TV Show, visit and fill in the required information, such as the series title, language, and premier date.

    • To edit TV Show info, on TVDB show page click the Green button with a Gear icon > Edit.

    • Optionally, you can also add other details like a poster, overview, and genre.

    • Once you've completed the form, click "Add Series" at the bottom of the page. Help:

What to do if TVDB displays that the TV Show is locked or there's incorrect info about the episode?

If you cannot find a way to edit the episode details or the show is locked, you can create a support ticket at and provide a detailed description of the issue you think needs to be fixed for the show.

If you found the TV Show is on TVDB but it's still not in Simkl when searching by URL, or episode info is different than on Simkl please report it on our Discord #bugs-missing-shows-movies channel or by contacting us through so we can re-sync the data.

For ANIDB (anime):

  1. Wait for approval: TMDB, TVDB, and ANIDB have a moderation process to ensure the accuracy of the information submitted. It may take a few hours or even a few days for your submission to be reviewed and approved.

  2. Check Simkl: Once the missing content has been approved and added to the appropriate database, Simkl should automatically update its listings. Give it some time for the data to sync and then search for the TV show or movie on Simkl.

Remember that Simkl relies on the accuracy and completeness of TMDB, TVDB, and ANIDB data, so any changes you make will also benefit the entire community.

If you found the show, episode, or movie that's on TVDB, TMDB, or ANIDB but it's still not in Simkl when searching by URL, or there's something we need to update\fix on our site, please report it on our Discord #bugs-missing-shows-movies channel or by contacting us through


I've added a new show to TVDB\TMDB\ANIDB, when can I find it on Simkl?

When you add a new show to TVDB or a movie to TMDB it usually takes around 24-48 hours before it appears in the Simkl search index using title search. This is because Simkl updates its search index daily. However, even if the show isn't immediately searchable by title on Simkl, you can still find it by using the TVDB or TMDB URL, once it has been imported to Simkl before it is searchable by title.

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