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pageHow does Simkl work and what are its main features?pageHow do I sign up for a Simkl account and get started?pageWhat devices and platforms are supported by Simkl?pageHow do I integrate Simkl with my favorite streaming services and media players?pageWhat are the benefits of using Simkl over other tracking and recommendation platforms?pageHow does Simkl ensure the privacy and security of my viewing history and data?pageCan I share my Simkl watchlist and recommendations with friends and family?pageAre there any limitations to the number of shows and movies I can track on Simkl?pageHow do I create and manage custom lists on Simkl?pageCan I use Simkl to track my viewing habits and create personalized statistics?pageHow does Simkl handle spoilers and spoiler-free content?pageIs there a Simkl mobile app available for Android and iOS devices?pageCan I import my viewing history from other platforms like IMDb, Trakt or Letterboxd to Simkl?pageHow do I customize my Simkl profile and choose which information to display publicly?pageWhat are Simkl's most popular features and how can I make the most of them?pageAre there any third-party apps or tools that can enhance my Simkl experience?pageCan I use Simkl to set reminders or notifications for upcoming episodes or releases?pageHow do I report issues or provide feedback to the Simkl team?pageWhat are some tips and tricks for optimizing my Simkl experience?pageHow do I synchronize my Simkl watch history across multiple devices and platforms?pageCan I use Simkl to track my viewing habits and create personalized statistics?pageAre there any Simkl browser extensions available for easy access and integration?pageWhat is the Simkl API and how can developers utilize it for creating custom applications?pageHow does Simkl handle content that is not available on major streaming platforms?pageCan I use Simkl to discover and explore niche genres or lesser-known titles?pageHow often is the Simkl database updated with new movies and TV shows?pageCan I use Simkl to track my progress in watching movie franchises or thematic collections?pageAre there any plans for future features or improvements to the Simkl platform?pageHow quickly do series get updated on Simkl after an episode is added on TVDB?pageIs the exact date and time recorded when I mark something as played?pageIs there any plan to remove podcasts or YouTube channels/series that are on TVDB from Simkl?pageHow do I deactivate or delete my Simkl account if I no longer wish to use the service?

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