Can I use Simkl to track my progress in watching movie franchises or thematic collections?

Absolutely! Simkl is your go-to companion for keeping track of your movie-watching journey, whether it's exploring movie franchises or thematic collections.

When it comes to movie franchises, Simkl makes it easy to monitor your progress. As you watch each installment, simply update your viewing status on Simkl. You'll have a clear picture of which movies you've seen and which ones you're yet to enjoy. It's like having your own movie franchise checklist!

Thematic collections are a breeze to track on Simkl too. Whether you're diving into classic horror films for Halloween or enjoying a series of romantic comedies, Simkl's watchlist feature lets you add and organize these collections with ease.

You can even create custom lists to curate your thematic movie experiences.

pageWatchlists and Custom Lists

In conclusion, Simkl is your ultimate tool for tracking your progress in watching movie franchises or thematic collections. It's user-friendly, convenient, and ensures you never miss a beat in your cinematic explorations. Start using Simkl today and make your movie-watching experience even more enjoyable! Happy watching!

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