How does Simkl ensure the privacy and security of my viewing history and data?

By default all Simkl profiles are public and everyone can see your watchlists and imported data.

You have the option to make your profile and watchlists private in Privacy Settings.

  1. Simkl has never sold and will never sell personal identifiable information without you agreeing to it. (With the legal exception of service transfer to another company in case of acquisition). See full details privacy info at

  2. All watchlists are by default not private by the nature of the service and visible to all your friends and Simkl members, etc.

  3. You have the option to make your profile private in privacy settings

  4. Custom Lists have options to make the list Private or Unlisted from the discovery sections.

  5. All movies in your Watchlist marked "Adult" are by default hidden from other members looking at your Watchlist.

  6. In case you find any bugs with privacy or any ideas on how to improve it, make sure to notify the Simkl developers immediately.

  7. Simkl provides an option to clean or delete the account automatically.

  8. Clicking on external links going out of the website is not the subject of Simkl's privacy policy and is operated by the policy of that website once you interact with their content, as they can trace your referral which may include your profile IDs.

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