Is there any plan to remove podcasts or YouTube channels/series that are on TVDB from Simkl?

No, but you can filter them out in V2 beta and save it as proffered layout. As of now, there are no plans to remove podcasts or YouTube content that are on TVDB from SIMKL.

Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive entertainment experience, and that includes a diverse range of content. Podcasts and YouTube series have gained popularity among our users, and we want to continue offering you access to these exciting forms of entertainment.

The advanced filtering feature on SIMKL V2 allows you to exclude YouTube Series or Podcasts or any genre & later save that filter as a layout.

Create Rules: Take Control of Your Content

With our latest V2 Beta Revamp, we're thrilled to provide you with an array of advanced filtering options. These innovative features empower you to personalize your SIMKL journey like never before.

No need to worry about seeing content that doesn't match your interests. With our advanced filtering system, you can effortlessly filter out podcasts or YouTube channels/series or any particular genre from your discoveries. Now, your recommendations and watchlist will truly reflect your passion for movies and TV shows!

To take customization to the next level, SIMKL V2 Beta enables you to create personalized rules for filtering. Whether it's excluding specific genres, networks, or media types, you have the power to dictate what appears on your feed.

Save Your Preferred Layout: Tailor Your Profile

With SIMKL V2 Beta Revamp, you can now save your preferred layout, ensuring your profile is a reflection of your unique entertainment journey. Discover content that sparks your interest and bid farewell to items that don't align with your taste.

Embrace the excitement of SIMKL V2 Beta Revamp and elevate your entertainment experience to new heights. With advanced filtering, rule creation, and layout customization, you're in complete control of what you see on your profile.

Don't wait any longerβ€”dive into SIMKL V2 Beta Revamp now and unlock a world of tailored content that resonates with your passion for movies and TV shows! Happy customizing!

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