Exporting From Simkl

When it comes to tracking your favorite series, movies, and anime, SIMKL is your ultimate entertainment companion. Simkl provides the option to export your data from the platform. This allows you to save your watch history, ratings, and other information for your own records or to use with other tracking services.

This guide will enlighten you on the various ways you can export your SIMKL data, creating a safety net for your entertainment preferences.

pageCan I export and back up my Simkl data using the mobile app or is it only available on the web?pageHow do I export my Simkl watch history, watchlist, and ratings to a CSV or JSON file?pageCan I schedule automatic exports of my data on Simkl?pageCan I schedule automatic exports of my data on Simkl?pageIs it possible to export data from specific categories, like movies, TV shows, or anime?pageCan I password-protect my exported data file?pageHow do I import my exported data back into Simkl in case of data loss or account recovery?

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