What data is included in the exported file (e.g., watched episodes, ratings, comments, etc.)?

For those who cherish their entertainment journey, SIMKL is an invaluable platform. It allows you to effortlessly track your watch history, preferences, and more. However, you might wonder: what data is included in the exported file?

This guide breaks down the exported data format, demystifying what's included and what to expect.

CSV Backup Files: Basic Snapshot

CSV backup files offer a straightforward snapshot of your entertainment journey. They include essential information to keep your tracking experience intact:

  • Title: The title of the show or movie you've watched.

  • IDs: Unique identifiers associated with each title.

  • Year: The release year of the content.

  • Last Episode Watched Number: The episode number you last watched.

  • Last Watch Date: The date when you last watched the content.

  • Ratings: Your personal ratings for each title.

  • Memos: Any notes or memos you've added to titles.

Keep in Mind: This version of the backup is convenient but has limitations. It only includes your most recent episode information and doesn't contain details about every episode. If you've missed episodes in between, they won't be part of this backup.

JSON Export Files: A Deeper Dive

JSON export files offer a more comprehensive view of your entertainment journey. They include additional details for a richer experience:

  • Full Episode List: JSON export files include the complete episode list of every show or series you've marked as watched on SIMKL. This allows you to have a detailed record of your viewing history.

Benefits of JSON Export:

  • Episode-Level Insight: With the full episode list, you can recall specifics about individual episodes you've watched.

  • Comprehensive Tracking: JSON files provide a more complete picture of your entertainment journey, ensuring no episode goes unnoticed.

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In conclusion, understanding the data included in the exported file from SIMKL is crucial for managing your entertainment preferences. CSV backup files offer a quick snapshot with essential information like titles, IDs, ratings, and more. JSON export files provide a deeper dive, including the full episode list for a more comprehensive view. Whether you opt for CSV or JSON, exporting your data ensures that your entertainment journey remains intact, ready for exploration and enjoyment.

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