Import your Kitsu anime library to Simkl

If you're a dedicated anime aficionado who uses to track your anime watching journey, we have exciting news for you! SIMKL now offers a seamless solution to enhance your anime tracking experience.

This guide will walk you through the process of importing your Kitsu watch history to SIMKL, creating a unified platform for all your entertainment preferences.

Why Import Kitsu Watch History to SIMKL? is a popular platform for tracking anime, while SIMKL offers comprehensive tracking across various entertainment forms, including TV shows, movies, and more. By importing your Kitsu watch history to SIMKL, you're centralizing your anime preferences and creating a holistic space for all your entertainment choices.

How to Import Your Kitsu Watch History to SIMKL:

  • Log into SIMKL: If you don't have a SIMKL account, sign up. If you're already a member, log in to access your dashboard.

  • Navigate to the Import Section: Within your SIMKL account, head to the import section. You'll find various import options, including Kitsu.

  • Initiate the Import: With your Kitsu profile information entered, start the import process.

  • Effortless Import: With a simple click, SIMKL imports your Anilist watch history, ensuring a smooth transition of your anime preferences.

Benefits of Importing to SIMKL:

pageBenefits of Using Simkl
  • Unified Tracking: SIMKL becomes your hub for managing anime preferences alongside TV shows, series, movies, and more.

  • Personalized Recommendations: SIMKL's recommendation engine leverages your Kitsu watch history to suggest new anime titles tailored to your preferences.

  • Effortless Transition: The import process eliminates manual entry, saving you time and ensuring a smooth experience.

Why SIMKL Is Your Ultimate Entertainment Solution:

SIMKL offers an all-inclusive tracking experience, making it easier to manage your diverse entertainment choices. With its user-friendly interface, cross-device synchronization, and ongoing improvements, SIMKL is designed to streamline and enrich your entertainment journey.

In conclusion, importing your Kitsu watch history to SIMKL is a significant step toward a more streamlined and immersive anime tracking journey. It simplifies your tracking process, opens the door to personalized recommendations, and ensures you have a comprehensive overview of your anime preferences. Embark on this seamless transition today and dive into the world of entertainment tracking with SIMKL.


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