Import your MyAnimeList (MAL) anime library to Simkl (2-Way Sync)

If you're an avid anime watcher, you're likely familiar with the challenge of keeping track of your favorite shows and episodes across platforms. The good news is that SIMKL has the solution for you.

This guide will show you how to seamlessly import your MyAnimeList (MAL) watch history to SIMKL, making your anime tracking journey smoother than ever before.

Import From MyAnimeList to SIMKL:

Introducing the New MAL API Support:

SIMKL now supports MyAnimeList's new API, making it easier than ever to connect and import your anime data. This new integration ensures a seamless experience as you transfer your watch history from MAL to SIMKL. [Use SIMKL as an interface to your MAL]

After successfully connecting your MAL account, you will be given the option to either import all of your data at once from MAL or to keep MAL and SIMKL in sync.

How to Import Your MyAnimeList Watch History:

  • Log into SIMKL: If you don't have a SIMKL account, sign up. If you're already a member, log in to access your dashboard.

pageCreating a Simkl Account
  • Link Your Accounts: Navigate to the import section. Choose MyAnimeList and follow the prompts to connect your accounts.

pageImporting to Simkl
  • Choose Your Import Option: After connecting, you have two choices: a one-time import or keeping both MAL and SIMKL in sync.

  1. Option 1- One-Time Import: Opt for a one-time import to bring your existing MAL watch history to SIMKL. This ensures all your anime data is seamlessly transferred.

  2. Option 2 - Keep Both in Sync: If you choose to keep both platforms in sync, any changes you make on one will be reflected on the other, ensuring your data is always up to date.

Benefits of Importing to SIMKL from MAL:

  • Unified Tracking: SIMKL becomes your central hub for all things entertainment, including anime, TV shows, and movies.

  • Enhanced Recommendations: SIMKL's recommendation engine utilizes your imported data to suggest new anime based on your preferences.

  • Real-Time Sync: If you choose to keep both platforms in sync, any updates you make are reflected immediately.

Keep in mind that MAL does not save individual episodes per anime and instead uses a number of episodes you watched. Because of that, you may lose unmarked episodes in the middle of the show when marking the latest episode on MAL as watched.

  • Auto Update on MAL: Auto update MAL when I mark an episode or add anime to the watching\completed\on hold\dropped\plan to watch list on SIMKL.

pageWatchlists and Custom Lists
  • Auto Update on SIMKL: Auto update Simkl on schedule when you update your MAL . You can also use the manual update feature as well, which is also a extra backup feature.

Why Choose SIMKL as Your Interface to MAL:

pageBenefits of Using Simkl

SIMKL's user-friendly interface, along with its continuous improvements and cross-platform synchronization, make it the ideal choice for simplifying your anime tracking and elevating your entertainment journey.

In conclusion, importing your MyAnimeList watch history to SIMKL is a pivotal step toward a more streamlined and enriched anime tracking experience. It centralizes your preferences, opens the door to exciting recommendations, and ensures your tracking remains up-to-date.

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