You can import your watch history from Netflix into Simkl.

If you're a Netflix enthusiast, you're likely familiar with the excitement of binge-watching your favorite shows and discovering new ones. SIMKL takes this experience a step further by allowing you to seamlessly import your Netflix watch history to its platform.

In this guide, we'll explore how you can effortlessly bring your Netflix viewing activity to SIMKL, making your entertainment tracking more comprehensive and enjoyable.

Import From Netflix to SIMKL:

Installing the Simkl Browser Extension will allow you to import your entire watch history from Netflix into Simkl. In addition to this, Simkl will be updated everytime you view anything on your television, Roku, mobile device, etc.

How to Import Netflix Watch History to SIMKL:

  • Log into SIMKL: If you don't have a SIMKL account, sign up. If you're already a member, log in to access your dashboard.

pageCreating a Simkl Account
  • Access Import Section: Navigate to the import section on SIMKL, where you'll find options for importing from various sources, including Netflix.

pageImporting to Simkl

This browser extension is using the Simkl API to get the ratings data and requires some additional settings to get you started

  • Authorize SIMKL: After installing the chrome extension, Follow the prompts to authorize SIMKL to access your Netflix watch history profile.

  • Netflix Syncing: Wait for the extension to sync your Netflix history to be added to your SIMKL profile. By this way you also have a backup of your Netflix Watch History. Double check your Netflix Profile which is connected with the extension, to avoid sync import from other Profiles.

  • Seamless Import: With a click, SIMKL imports your Netflix watch history. You'll notice your viewed shows and movies populate on your SIMKL account.

  • Sync Complete: Your Netflix watch history will always be synced with Simkl even if you watch Netflix on your TV or mobile device.

pageBrowser Extensions

Benefits of Importing Netflix Watch History to SIMKL:

  • Centralized Tracking: Having your Netflix watch history on SIMKL keeps your entertainment data organized and easily accessible.

  • Personalized Recommendations: SIMKL's recommendation engine uses your imported data to suggest shows and movies you might enjoy.

  • Effortless Transition: There's no need to manually add what you've watched. SIMKL does the work for you.

Why Choose SIMKL:

pageBenefits of Using Simkl

SIMKL offers more than just tracking, it's a hub for enhancing your entertainment experience. With its user-friendly interface, ability to sync across devices, and continuous improvements, it's the perfect platform to manage your TV show and movie preferences.

In conclusion, importing your Netflix watch history to SIMKL is a step toward a more streamlined and enriched entertainment journey. It simplifies your tracking process, unlocks personalized recommendations, and ensures you don't miss out on recording your viewing activity.


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