Import your trakt library to SIMKL

If you're an avid user of, the good news is that SIMKL provides a smooth pathway to import your Trakt watch history. This guide will unveil how you can effortlessly transfer your Trakt preferences to SIMKL, streamlining your entertainment tracking experience.

Import from Trakt to SIMKL:

Why Import Trakt Watch History to SIMKL? is a platform for TV shows and movies, while SIMKL offers comprehensive entertainment tracking, encompassing TV shows, movies, and even anime. By importing your Trakt watch history to SIMKL, you're creating a unified space to manage your diverse entertainment preferences.

Two Import Options: Skip or Import All

  1. Skip Items: This option imports only your Trakt shows and movies that aren't in your SIMKL watchlists. It avoids duplication and ensures a seamless transition.

  2. Import All: Choose this option to import every episode, show, and movie from your Trakt history. It's a comprehensive approach to transferring your entertainment data.

How to Import Your Trakt Watch History to SIMKL:

  • Access Your SIMKL Account: Log in to your existing SIMKL account. If you're new to SIMKL, create an account to get started.

pageCreating a Simkl Account
  • Navigate to Import: Within your SIMKL account, find the import section. You'll discover various import options, including Trakt.

pageImporting to Simkl
  • Connect Your Trakt Account: Connecting your Trakt account, seamlessly imports your watch history, ensuring a smooth transition of your TV Shows & Movies library.

  • Choose Import Type: You have two options:

    • Skip Items: This option imports only the Trakt shows and movies that are not already in your Simkl watchlists.

    • Import All: This option imports all episodes, shows, and movies from your Trakt history.

  • Start Importing: Once you've selected your import type, start the process. The app will begin importing your Trakt watch history to SIMKL.

Benefits of Importing to SIMKL from Trakt:

pageBenefits of Using Simkl
  • Unified Tracking: SIMKL becomes your hub for managing not only your TV shows and movies but also your Trakt watch history.

  • Enhanced Recommendations: SIMKL's recommendation engine utilizes your imported data to suggest new shows and movies based on your Trakt watch history.

  • Effortless and Non-deleting: Importing from Trakt does not delete any existing shows or episodes in your SIMKL account.

Why SIMKL Is Your Comprehensive Entertainment Solution:

SIMKL offers a holistic entertainment tracking experience that covers TV shows, movies, and now even your Trakt watch history. With its user-friendly interface, real-time syncing, and continuous improvements, SIMKL is designed to simplify and enrich your entertainment journey.

In conclusion, importing your Trakt watch history to SIMKL is a pivotal step toward a more streamlined and immersive entertainment tracking experience. It centralizes your preferences, offers personalized recommendations, and ensures you have a comprehensive overview of your entertainment history.


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