Keyboard shortcuts

Helping you to navigate Simkl website even faster!

Shortcut keys allow easy and quick methods for navigating or searching content.

Fun fact:

Typing "SIMKL" on the keyboard looks like an arrow pointing forward 😉

To help you increase your productivity and cut back on the strain caused by repetitive actions Simkl implemented the following list of keyboard shortcuts to use on

Activate search from any page:


/ (forward slash key)

Global search (and automatically activates search for from your clipboard)


Search in TV Shows Discover


Search in Anime Discover

Search in Movies Discover

LIsts v2 Discovery or any v2 lists pages:


CTLR + f

Find the show\movie title name in the list


Hides\unhides filters


Maximizes or minimizes the number of the results per line



Arrow keys to scroll through results and select an item


To open a summary of the selected result

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