Tracking Content

For TV Shows

Step 1: Select the Show

  • After logging into Simkl, use the search bar to find the TV show you want to track.

  • Click on the title of the show to open its detailed page.

Step 2: Add the Show to Your Lists

  • On the show’s page, you’ll see several options like "Add to Watchlist," "Watching", "Plan to Watch", "On Hold", "Dropped" or "Completed." Choose:

    • Watching if you are currently watching the show.

    • Plan to Watch if you plan to watch it later.

    • Completed if you have finished the entire series.

See the full Watchlists description here:

Watchlists and Custom Lists

Step 3: Track Individual Episodes

  • Below the general options for the show, you will find a list of seasons and episodes.

  • Each episode will typically have a checkbox or a button next to it. Click on this button or checkbox to mark an episode as watched. The episode might also move automatically to a "Watched Episodes" list.

  • If you have watched several episodes already, you can often mark an entire season as watched by selecting an option usually located at the top of the season’s episode list.

Step 4: Automatic Tracking

  • As you mark episodes as watched, Simkl automatically updates your progress and saves where you left off, so you can easily continue from the last watched episode next time you visit.

Step 5: Recommendations

  • Based on the episodes you've watched, Simkl may suggest other shows similar in genre or theme in a recommendation section on your dashboard or show page.

For Movies

Step 1: Select the Movie

  • Use the search function to find the movie you want to track.

  • Click on the movie title to go to its page.

Step 2: Track the Movie

  • You'll see options on the movie’s page in the "Add to Watchlist" menu:

Watchlists and Custom Lists

Step 3: Rate the Movie (optional)

  • After watching a movie, you might have the option to rate it. This is beneficial as it tailors the recommendation engine to suggest movies suited to your taste.

Step 4: Sync and Automatic Tracking (if applicable)

  • If you have connected your streaming services accounts to Simkl, the platform can automatically sync and track the movies you watch on those services, updating your Simkl movie list accordingly.

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